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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I had a horrible new outbreak of DH today after eating quinoa. I went online to check every food I had eaten and here is what I found about quinoa. I will NEVER eat it again. . . Wow http://isriceglutenfree.com/is-quinoa-gluten-free I obviously cannot eat this!
  2. Celiac Rash - Dh

    I replied to someone else that my blood test was negative. Have you heard of homeopathic muscle testing? My chiropractor would test me for various drugs, food, etc. Just this evening my niece told me to close my eyes and she begin to test me. She held up a loaf of bread to my chest and I could not even hold my grip. It was like my fingers just popped apart. If you don't know about this maybe you can google. It is not uncommon for chiro's and other natural health ppl to do this. I have never thought about muscle testing gluten foods. Duh I will continue the gluten-free way of life and am seeing that my blood sugar is doing better. That is good! Like I said, I've had blisters/lesions on my scalp and feet and even on my shoulders and lower back but NEVER like what I've experienced in the past 7 months. I look like I have chicken pox. Tried to upload photos but wasn't successful. Believe me, I am totally covered with this. I'll let you all know the outcome of my blood test on Monday. Thanks for your response!
  3. Celiac Rash - Dh

    I had prednisone during chemotherapy treatment and did not have adverse reactions. I will keep this in mind.
  4. Celiac Rash - Dh

    Thank you for the welcome! I have worried that I wouldn't see a quick result. Since I have not scratched any of the lesions to bleed today. . . I feel that is improvement. I sure hope everything works with Dapsone and I can go off it quickly. I have been gluten-free and also leaving out the iodized salt, after reading these posts.
  5. Celiac Rash - Dh

    My blood test was negative and I am scheduled for a colon/endo the first week of November. I talked to my doctor about eating gluten free and resulting in a false negative. She said the villi *or whatever* would not heal in 2 weeks time. My cousin also tested negative to the blood test. Even if the biopsy comes back negative, I know in my mind that this is DH and I will see the difference in being gluten-free.
  6. Celiac Rash - Dh

    Thank you for responding. This is my second day on Dapsone and I have only had to take one Benadryl today. My family says the lesions look like they are drying. I have only had one severe itchy spell and it was earlier in the day. I have been successful in eating gluten-free as well. My dermatologist was obviously not looking for DH and I'm not sure how educated she is about Celiac Disease. My doctor said that if my hemoglobin dropped more that I could face a transfusion. I leaned towards her and said, "So be it"! "I'd rather have a blood transfusion than have this itching and burning 24-7". Some may think I am crazy for asking for Dapsone but you are welcome to your opinion. My scalp is showing the most improvement to me. Several of the lesions I am not feeling and the ones around my neck hairline are shrinking. I will be checked on Monday via labs. Just hoping all is good as I believe this drug is working for me. Another good thing is my BS was the lowest all day than it has been for months!
  7. Celiac Rash - Dh

    If you could see my body and understand what I have been through for the past 8 months, you would understand. I started a gluten-free lifestyle today and if I see a positive result from Dapsone will discontinue and rely on being gluten-free. I will be checked every week by my doctor. My question is how quickly have most people seen results by using Dapsone? Nothing could be worse than chemotherapy and I survived that and my PET scan of last week shows no active cancer.
  8. Night Time The Worst

    I have the worst time at night or if I sit on my leather sofa. The head seems to intensify the itch. My doctor asked me if I would do the treatment for scabies and I replied, "Is that due to not enough vegetables"? LOL I agreed to the treatment but no one in my family has 'caught' this rash either. I agree with the ice treatment. It does seem to calm it somewhat.
  9. I have had blisters on my scalp and feet for many years. Dermatologists could not tell me why. In March of this year I broke out on my stomach and this rash has covered my body. Intense itch and stinging from my scalp to feet. Dermatologist have biopsied 3 times and each comes back with a different result. One was Grover's Disease, one was Follicutitis and one was eczema. All test were from the lesion, not the unaffected skin. Yesterday my Int Med family doctor prescribed Dapsone as I begged her to try this. My rash looks and acts just like the DH that I see online. I have been diagnosed with Iron def anemia (mild), early Osteoarthritis, diabetes and went through chemotherapy for NHLymphoma in 2008. I had premature ovarian failure resulting in early menopause at the age of 30. All of the above can be caused by Celiac. I still test for an autoimmune and have negative results for MS, Sjor Syndrome, Lupus, Hepatitis, etc. I do have a cousin with Celiac and she has been gluten free for 6 years. My question is. . . I began taking the Dapsone this morning and now have 2 doses in my system. I have been intensely itching for the past 2 hours all over my body. Is this normal for someone beginning Dapsone? When can I expect relief? I go back to the doctor on Monday for blood test and for her to check me. Thanks