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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. DH Photo Bank

    thanks for squashing the conversation and alienating other memebers. (not) I am leaving this forum, for just this reason. I have ideas to contribute, things to discuss, photos to share, but with the obnoxious attitude that prevails here, I am not able to bear more stress.
  2. Meds For Dh - Dapsone And Others

    I only eat at home as well after getting cross-contaminated twice (I think so, anyway); it's difficult socially as most folks just don't really understand. They think, just a little bread, just one cookie, or whatever. I find it's easier to just be a bit isolated at the moment until I feel stronger. .... m
  3. Meds For Dh - Dapsone And Others

    that's encouraging about the relief you got from Dapsone; I will find out on Wednesday if the MDs think it's appropriate for me. Happy 2013!! I hope it's a better year than this one was. ...m
  4. Meds For Dh - Dapsone And Others

    How long were you [or are you] on Dapsone? any side effects? I am leery of that drug. best wishes. moneek.
  5. Meds For Dh - Dapsone And Others

    can you do lactose products? yogurt and kefir are great for nausea and stomach discomfort, and, if not loaded with sugar, etc., have great pro-biotic effect. also, ginger tea. and, yes, your rash looks a lot like mine. .... moneek
  6. DH Photo Bank

    I was able to post my photos to photobucket .... unfortunately, they are in reverse order, the first ones, the majority of the pix, are from December 2012; the last ones are of the initial manifestation of the rash back in July 2012, plus a few in between from November, when I actually thought I was getting a bit better. take a look: http://s1272.beta.ph...lamb/library/DH My case is complicated by a Dx of Hashimotos during the same time period (August 2012), so I have this conflict regarding Iodine - it appears dietary Iodine can aggrevate the DH rash, but Iodine is needed for healthy thyroid function. So, I am trying to balance all of this and learning more every day. I use no cosmetics at all, with the exception of gluten-free lipstick (Gabriel's), I lubricate the rash with a combination of pure coconut oil and borage oil lotion (shikai children's lotion, gluten-free, per the manufacturer: http://pics1.ds-static.com/prodimg/75483/300.jpg ) I'm also avoiding the majority of gluten-free food products out there - they are loaded with corn and tapioca and lots of ingredients that I have never heard of. I am eating mostly whole foods, fruits, veggies, meats, chicken, etc. Best of luck to everyone. M
  7. DH Photo Bank

    I am dx'd since October 2012 with DH via skin biopsy, and gluten free since mid-October {don't even ask about Sandy's impact on my crazy life} .... {we lost our home} I am uncertain if I can post any photos, since I'm new to this forum. I was initially treated in September with prednisone for 3 weeks, which mostly cleared the rash; it quickly rebounded, though, when the prednisone was stopped. I have a very painful, sometimes itchy, mostly very painful rash on both elbows, both hips, upper thighs [front and rear], and buttocks, plus some minor spots along my arms and my hairline. The rash is always symmetrical and, like I stated, very painful. I believe the underlying antibodies attack nerve cells, thus the pain, and for others the severe itch. I am finally in good hands, medically speaking, at a university clinic where the latest cutting edge science is being studied; I am actually a part of the study there, as the MDs don't see too many cases of DH. Dapsone may be in my near future if the rash persists.