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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I share a kitchen with my husband. But we're very careful to not CC my food; Separate pans, utensils, counters. I don't really eat PB, bread or jelly, and I bought all gluten-free condiments. I ate at Applebees on Sunday, but this pain is in my intestines. I know I could just be healing, so maybe is part of the process... I eat a pretty whole foods diet, so I guess I'm doing all I can
  2. Hi I recently had a blood test done, no results yet. The blood test won't tell me if I have celiacs (of course, according to my doctor, since I react pretty soon after ingesting gluten and all my vital levels were wonky she does suspect celiacs), but it will tell me if I have some of the 96 allergies I was tested for. I've been gluten free off and on for about a year. This all started after I began birth control before getting married in 2010. This September, things started getting bad. Weight gain, bloating, nausea.. as well as eczema flair ups, hair loss, insomnia, body aches, severe constipation. the list goes on.. I thought I was pregnant, because I stopped the birth control thinking it was that. Nope, not pregnant. I've cut out gluten and dairy (suspecting a whey allergy..) and I've been very strict.. new seasonings for food, condiments, stopped drinking coffee for goodness sake!! (can't take coffee without a little cream!!) anyways, a week into it and I'm really not feeling that great. My stomach feels torn up.. like I have a knife stuck and twisting in my stomach! It goes away if I don't eat for a while, but as soon as I eat something it's back. I'm taking L-glutamine and aloe pills..sucking down the peppermint tea!!.. a friend of mine who has celiacs suggested Leaky Gut.. I'm feeling hopeless anybody have some ideas??
  3. New To All Of This

    thank you for the warm welcome! I'm still getting the hang of this forum.. I wish I had known about applebees infamous CC issues. I woke up feeling very ill and then it dawned on me As for being gluten free before my test, I wasn't very strict... at all! teriyaki stir fry the Monday before my test and Diet coke (Carmel Coloring) the day before. I also had no idea the many ways I was CC my body - spices, cooking pans, GV brand of food from WM.. I never even realized! so I'm pretty sure it'll come up positive. I'm doing some research on the NCGI, thats very intersting! Never heard of it before. I'm sure I'll be asking many many questions about my new life style, hopefully nobody minds!!
  4. Hi there my name is alexandra, i'm almost 21 and i'm a week out from getting the blood work back for my diagnosis. my story is quite crazy. to keep it short, i've been reading this forum for about a year and decided to become a member today i'm trying my hardest to make the most out of this new life style. i went to the doctor on and she said that with my symptoms, blood work really wasnt unnecessary; she's pretty sure I have a gluten problem. but I decided that for a peace of mind (and for my husbands peace of mind), I needed to get the blood work done. I've been gluten free off and on for a while, but I realize that I'm just being stubborn and I really do feel better not eating any gluten (went to Applebees last night, ordered gluten free and still got really sick today). I'm just here for support.. and to support others if I can ... this new life style definitely takes some getting used to!!
  5. I'm new to this site and the gluten free way of life! I'm trying to learn all of the ins and outs of living with this and adjusting ...I had no idea the things I was contaminating my body with unknowingly! I haven't had time to really look around, but I was wondering anyones thoughts on cooking spray? I stopped buying all walmart brands because I seem to get really sick no matter what. (except their olive oil and apple sauce seems to be okay) I bought smart balance cooking spray, but realized there is grain alcohol in it. I can't find anything on it online, and smart balance says all their products of gluten free. any thoughts?? I really want to bake some gluten free pumpkin muffins, but I'm lost..