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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Candidiasis-Anybody?

    My son is now recovering from Candidiasis... It is gluten related, you know that! Well, in brief, my advice goes as follows: find a doctor that can guide you correctly, the only treatment though is nutrition. Still, bio-coordination and/or bio-energy (alternative medicine here in Greece) proved so really very helpful! You have to give up gluten, sugars, (sugar, even from fruit, carbohydrates), tomato and yeast, for a period of 3 to 6 months if you aren't supported by bio-coordination, just for a month up to 2 months if bio-energy and bio-coordination methods are applied by a specialist. Candida feeds on anything you eat, so you have to 'drop it dead from starvation'. The first stage of nutrition is just 'green stuff', the second allows for certain meats and the third carefully introduces certain other foods. Still, because of the ceverity of the infection and the possible side-effects (vometing, nausea, weakness, sickness) during the first two stages of nutrition, it is important that you seek medical help. My son has been there, we did it with the support of a bio-coordinator and her careful planning, there are usually more foods that are involved, usually in the form of 'allergy' because of the reaction of each organism, so you need serious and specialist help to do it correctly and effectively. I wish you the best!!! (my son is just 10... it took us two years to find the 'main cause', his problems have yet to be overcome, it takes time, but it's our health at steak, so it is worth every efford!!!)
  2. I Don't Know What To Do Anymore!

    If I can be of any help, quit processed food! G.f. Means 20ppm of gluten, not to mention additives, sweeteners, chemicals, preservatives... to name but a few! Eat fresh, homemade cooked food, based on vegetables, salads, meat and chicken. Try that for at least three days to be able to check how your body reacts. I started as simple as that, and then started adding just one processed food. In my case, I can't tolerate dextrose and maltodextrine, although they are considered gluten free. In your case it could be something else. You can have a look at this article http://www.(Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned)/gluten-free-society-blog/cross-contamination-of-gluten-or-processed-food/ If this is not the answer, try different food only gradually. There are those who, because of the damage caused by gluten, can't tolerate dairy or rice for some time. But it has to be one thing at a time. I myself avoided milk for about two months but can consume it now. As for the rest, we eat only what I can cook at home. My own bread, cake and biscuits, my own salad dressing made of organic and safe ingredients, my own tomato sauce for ketchup. Gluten free, in the market industry, doesn't mean healthy and, by no means, safe for consumption!! Wish you the best!
  3. My first advice, having a somewhat similar case, is: run the blood tests as it is, keeping in mind that, usually, ten months are not enough to take the levels back to normal, not to mention that almost half Celiacs, especially kids, come with normal levels in blood tests even while being sick AND eating gluten!! So risking your kids health in not worth it! The blood tests may be misleading no matter what! If the doctor feels that a gastroscope and biopsy are essential for the kid, to see the level of damage, to ensure that nothing else is wrong, to... They know the reasons, just a few traces of gluten now or then are more than enough! At least, this is what my friend, gastroenterologist advices me to do with my son, who has to run a biopsy for similar reasons... I'm not a doctor myself, I'm just a mom in a similar case, mine is 9, and we still haven't got a name for what's wrong with my kid. And there are too many things wrong with his health...