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  1. good to know that it isn't just all in my head! how long did it take for you to adjust??
  2. Hey Guys, I have just recently been diagnosed with celiac and have now been gluten free for two and a half weeks, first week and a half was really good, lost 2kgs and started to look a fair bit leaner almost straight away, but this last week I have been riding the roller coaster of energy highs and lows but I haven't really changed anything I have been eating compared to my first week. I train as a rower and I currently am doing around 12-13 training sessions per week. are there any tips from anyone out there on how to manage my energy better or is this just a part of the diet change over? also can I expect to be able to gain a bit more muscle as I have never in my life found it possible to make decent muscle gains from the work I do. Cheers