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  1. On the prompting of several of you (thanks again!) I contacted my son's paediatrician on Monday and requested blood work and a bone aging X-ray be done on him. I requested the X-ray as well because both a family member requested this done on his child (the child's result came back with bone age spot on their actual age) as well as a friend (the child's bone age was delayed). In both these cases, the children were very small for their ages. I learned yesterday that they seldom do this X-ray because often the results are somewhat devastating for children/parents who are hoping to find out more growth can be expected. And, often this is not the case. They are just destined to be smaller people. My son's appointment to review the results isn't until next Friday however, we also had an appointment booked for yesterday at the allergist. I hadn't anticipated his tests or X-ray results to be so quick nor that the allergist (both work under the same umbrella of paediatric care) would have the results in his file. He did! After I gave him a rundown of why I was concerned my son may have either a wheat allergy and/or issues with gluten he told us the serum blood work was negative for celiac. He also said that while celiac was outside his specialty somewhat, he felt the likelihood of celiac was low at best even before the test. Then he said that my son's bone aging X-ray, and the reason that he is so tiny, came back at age TEN! My 13.5 year old son has bones most similar to a ten year old And, given this result, which according to the allergist is unbelievably great news, it means that my son is a late bloomer and will simply grown later/longer than his peers. Furthermore, given his result, his growth chart needs to be adjusted and now places him just off the 75 percentile in both height and weight. It felt like Christmas for my son yesterday! All I had hoped for with the X-ray was to show that he was a least a little bit delayed so that he would have some extra growth. I never once thought it would be so substantial. All that said, we are still gluten free and will be discussing the results of the serum test with his doctor next Friday. I still want to see what, if any improvement, we will find being of gluten. Though, I must admit that I'm feeling quite sluggish these past couple of days and think I'm might be going through withdrawal! Did anybody else find this?
  2. You guys are wealth of information! Thank you again for taking the time to help guide me. I wasn't able to get ahold of the doctor to request the blood test over the weekend as the office was closed. Will call this morning. And I will also request the Xray for the bone age. Will let you know how things progress.
  3. Thank you everybody for all the great advise and support. Cyberprof: you made my Friday I really needed to hear a success story like that of your son. Especially since I feel like we're sitting right where you were five years ago. I haven't been able to get into our doctor until November 9 which I know will be too late for bloodwork. However, I do like the idea of the genetic testing and think we will pursue this. The more I read about gluten intolerance/celiac the more connections I can make in my extended family where nobody has been diagnosed with celiac. My maternal grandmother has rheumatoid arthritis, both my mom and one of her sisters have sjogrens and another has thyroid issues. There definitely appears to be something there... Interesting study about weight and puberty. I remember reading that girls need to reach 100 pounds but I had never heard anything about boys. If that's the case, we have time for catch up growth and then a nice puberty growth spurt since we have nearly 30 pounds to go You mention supplements which I have been wondering about. So you had him on several things once he was diagnosed? Should I be concerned that Vitamin A would start him into puberty before a catch up spurt even if he's not 110 pounds? Maybe a good question for his doctor? One of my son's favourite desserts is carrot cake and I was lamenting just yesterday that I may not be able to bake it for him again -- at least not the recipe I have. I would love yours! Additionally, the three meals you mentioned him enjoying would all appeal to my son. I think I can figure the pot roast and mashed potatoes out myself So, I would love those recipes! Thank you for the offer.
  4. On my jumbo shopping trip to replace my kitchen staples with gluten free ones I came across "Only Oats" by Avena Foods. The packaging and their website indicate that their oats are uncontaminated with wheat etc. Their muffin mix is incredible! I've baked a few dozen muffins and my kids love them Or, maybe they just love that I'm actually baking for them! It's a Canadian product so I'm not sure about their distribution but they receive a stamp of approval from our household.
  5. Thank you for all of the information and advise. Much appreciated. Because my initial concern (since he really had no conclusive outward symptoms) was his slow growth, I am really hesitant to go back onto gluten UNTIL he has a chance to grow. He's at a really critical point in his social development and his size is causing him a great deal of distress. He is completely on board with trying whatever we can to get healthier and, hopefully, get taller. So, he really has been a breeze to convince that gluten free is the way to go. However, I totally agree that he may be less cooperative in his later teens At which time, provided he has shown some decent catch up growth, I would be willing to start him back up on gluten and challenge the test for that conclusive answer that he may need to continue. Hopefully he'll be mature enough to understand the damage he'd be doing and, perhaps, he would develop symptoms that would remind him why we're doing this in the first place... That's where I'm at at this point anyways. Hopefully that sounds semi rational
  6. Milk

    As far as I can tell, he has NO problem with milk whatsoever. He drinks at least a couple of glasses everyday, has it on his cereal (now gluten free) and loves cheese. I would only remove it from his diet if I had to! I am anxious for him to start growing and if this helped him, we definitely would give it a try.
  7. Can you please tell me if you stopped milk for a period of time to allow healing of the intestine? If so, for how long? Would it take longer for healing to occur on milk or is this a case-by-case situation? Milk and milk products are a big part of my son's diet and I would prefer not to have to take him off this unless absolutely necessary.
  8. Whey?

    Thanks for the great news
  9. Thanks for the reply Cara. Given that my son already has an allergist and since we're not certain what (if anything) is an issue for him, I figured we'd start there. Honestly, even if he isn't gluten intolerant/celiac, we would be trying to eliminate gluten from all of our diets. Since this is the case, I'm not certain how critical it is that we put our son through a biopsy. I guess I will need to give this some more thought and consult our doctor. If he has severe damage as opposed to no visible damage, what would change in his prognosis or diet? Would they redo the biopsy in the future depending on how it comes back or ? Have you or anybody else on this list given their kids a nutritional supplement like BOOST? I spoke with our pharmacist and she indicated that he could take 1-2 per day as long as it wasn't replacing him actually eating meals. So, I have started this. If he was deficient in nutrients in the past, I want to ensure he isn't now. Not sure if there is any downside to this...? Thanks again!
  10. I have always assumed that Whey is a wheat protein and as such, not gluten free. Can I continue to use whey for smoothies?
  11. I'm so happy to have found this forum. I have a 13 year old son who has yet to be diagnosed with either gluten intolerance or celiac however, I do suspect one or the other. He will be seeing his allergist (on our request) next Wednesday to have the basic skin testing done for wheat as well as other allergens. I know that skin testing isn't exactly a perfect science so regardless of this result we will pursue additional testing as required. Do many people here have experience with either the blood test and/or genetic test? Is one or the other a better way to go? And, if it is discovered through one of these methods that he is celiac, does he HAVE TO have the biopsy? What is the upside to this? If we are firm on our plans to be gluten free, does he need to undergo this procedure? Our story is actually quite uneventful and if it wasn't for a close friend's son suddenly growing nearly four inches when taken off gluten, I doubt I'd be on this forum today. He, like my son, was on the small end of the growth chart. Now he's "average". This hasn't gone unnoticed by our family, especially my son! He is showing NO SIGNS of puberty, is hovering around the 5th percentile for height and closer to the 10th for weight. But, he has s-l-o-w-l-y climbed up the chart in this manner for a number of years so (apparently) neither his doctor nor his allergist (he has well controlled asthma/seasonal allergies + cats/dogs) have been concerned. Honestly, I wasn't myself until recently. It feels as is he's stalling right when he should be growing like a weed. His younger brother is now a solid couple inches taller and close to five pounds heavier. It is so difficult for him : ( Aside from his size, there really haven't been any red flags. However, looking back, he would occasionally complain of a sore stomach - especially after a large pasta meal. I just assumed he overate. He does occasionally have headaches but we conveniently tied that to his lack of water intake and him being dehydrated. He is constantly congested and we really haven't been able to get a hold of this. He is on Nasanex with little success. Recently though our toilet failed to flush properly after he visited it. And, there was a paler than average stool left behind. It was enough to catch my attention. Again, likely a sign... To make this easier on my son, as well as me, we have elected to adopt a gluten free diet for our entire family. The kitchen has been de-glutened and we're on day four now... The more I've recently read on wheat, the less I feel it isn't healthy option for any of us! I know it's going to be a struggle however, I am determined to make this work. Because he isn't suffering outwardly as much as some other kids clearly do, my greatest hope is that he will start to grow. And, soon! I would be so interested in hearing about others experiences with catch up growth in pre & early teens. I know that often young children grow quickly after adopting a gluten free diet. But, what about "older" kids? How long did it take to see some growth? Lastly, my son is a big milk drinker. Does he have to give up milk initially to allow healing? If so, for how long? Thanks for your help and advise in advance!