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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Good evening I am off to the doc's on Friday for my 3 monthly B12 injection. I do feel like I need this injection more often and would be interested to hear how often other folks with celiac disease get this jag, if at all. Also, I have been told to take iron supplements (for about 15 years now,although only diagnosed for 3yrs) and blood tests don't show a huge improvement in my iron levels. Does anyone get iron injections which work better than trying to absorb iron tablets. Has anyone suffered from really bad skin and if so how did the fix it ??!! I feel so run down I think my skin is suffering because of this, which is making me feel even worse within myself. Really sticking to my diet so hopefully over time this will improve but am impatient !
  2. Hi guys Anybody experienced a pain in the lower right hand side of the back. Does not feel like a muscular pain more an internal pain if you know what I mean. I don't really want to go to the docs if this is just one of the many aches from celiac disease. Have experienced this now for a few weeks. Anybody had the same sort of thing? Thanks
  3. Hi ! This afternoon I went shopping and spied a new brand of gluten free beer. I almost danced in the aisle at this discovery and could hardly wait to get home, stick it in the fridge and enjoy after my tasty gluten-free dinner. Much to my disgust it was really really really nasty and it cost a fortune. Will stick to red wine in future ! Evonne
  4. Greetings From Scotland

    Thanks Yvonne - two E/Yvonnes' and both from Scotland with Coeliac Disease ! We are very unhealthy us Scots and it is difficult but I am sure we all find it difficult at times no matter where we are. I feel so much positive about my illness having discovered this forum so thanks again to all. Evonne
  5. Greetings From Scotland

    Hi all Thanks everyone for their advice and support. I am so pleased I have found this forum as I don't know anyone else with celiac disease and feel a bit alone at times when it comes to the diet which is probably why I don't stick to it. I appreciate your time and posts. I do struggle keeping a gluten-free kitchen though as my partner is not gluten-free and I would find it quite unfair to make him stick to a gluten-free diet. However, enough of the excuses I hear you say and look after yourself, which is what I am going to definately do after hearing about your various experiences. Anyway I will take time to read through the forum as I am sure many of you have posted regarding partner support, recipies, etc. etc. Speak to you all soon
  6. I thought men were more inclined to visit the Doc quicker and more often than women !
  7. Hi all Just thought I'd introduce myself as a new user to this forum and say hello from Bonnie Scotland (although not so bonnie at the moment - it's raining !) Anyway - I have been diagnosed as Coeliac 3 years in Sept and I suppose I should be an expert by now but ............... can anyone else help me on gaining some more willpower to maintain a gluten-free diet? I am better and do try to cut out gluten-free foods but if something takes my fancy I will eat it regardless! I find it so hard to stick to gluten-free food as I love all the things that I can't eat and it's the whole wanting something you can't have! Does anyone have any advice on how they managed to overcome a severe lack of willpower? I am really suffering now with all the horrible symptoms and I do need to get a grip as I do know the complications that come with celiac disease. Any tips? Thanks in advance