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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I now having the gene does not necessarily mean you have celiac but this person had been told having DQ8 only means you can never get celiac disease. My understanding was this gene is rarer but you can still become celiac with it.
  2. My daughter has just tested positive to the gene DQ8 (negative to DQ2). We are waiting for an appointment with a specialists (her symptoms are episodes of blurred vision, low iron, stomach pain and unusual acid wear on her teeth) but on another forum I had someone tell me his doctor said DQ8 by itself was incompatible with celiac disease. So was just wondering does any here have DQ8 only and have diagnosed celiac disease?
  3. For the past year my 5yr old has had periods of blurred vision. She will go months with no problems then for a few days says her eyes are blurry. She says it goes blurry and then not blurry. She has passed the numerous eye tests we have put her through. She's had a brain ct scan and that was clear. A blood test showed she was iron deficient. celiac disease blood test was clear. My dad and brother both have celiac disease. Dr is saying iron def is diet related which I don't believe coz she eats really well. She is due to have blood test redone in 1.5mths to check if iron supplement is working. After all of that my question is has anyone experienced similar vision problems? Daughter has had blurred vision for past 2 days. Haven't seen our GP yet for this episode but in the past he has said he believes it is caused by migraines but just without the painful headache.
  4. I have read in undiagnosed coeliacs iron supplement does not help restore iron levels.
  5. I was just wondering in an undiagnosed child how long would it take for ferritin levels decrease due to malabsorption? My 5yr daughter recently had some blood tests which showed her ferritin was low (22). Coeliac test was negative and vit d was normal. My dad and brother both have coeliac so is something I am very conscious of. My daugther is taking an iron supplement to increase ferritin. Our GP believes the ferritin is low really just because... said may not be an explanation and he certainly doesn't believe it is because of coeliac. But has agreed to redo blood tests in 3mths. Just wondering if she does have coeliac is that enough time for the ferritin to have further decreased? She does not have typical coeliac symptoms but does get unexplained blurred vision and headaches and we all know coeliac is rarely typical.
  6. My 5yr daughter recently saw a paediatrician. To try and find out why she is having episodes of blurred vision. My dad and brother have coeliac so paed tested for a number of things including celiac disease. The tests came back neg for celiac disease but said she was iron deficient. The dr believed it was caused by diet and said take an iron supplement for 6mths and no other follow up required. Having now further researched iron deficiency and looked very closely at her diet I do not understand how she can be iron deficient unless it is caused by a medical condition ie celiac disease. I worked out at minimum she would be getting 7mg of iron each day (but would be close to 10mg most days) and recommended is 10. She does not have the classic celiac disease symptoms but her blurred vision and headaches are unexplained (mri they did was clear). What do people think? Does this sound like celiac disease. I'm thinking after 3mths of taking supplement ask for blood test to be redone. If still low then it can't be diet related.
  7. I am asking this question on behalf of my brother. My brother has been Coeliac for the past 7 years and diabetic for 15 years. For the past 5+ yrs he has suffered depression. He has seen many specialists, taken many things and even had ECT, the specialists have always said his depression was related to him not coping with having coeliac or life events ie break up of a relationship. He has always maintained this is not the cause. Just recently we believe we have worked out he gets depressed when he has eaten gluten and up until now that seems to have been the case, however, on Sunday he became depressed when he was certain he had not eaten gluten. The depression lasted to Tuesday, then he was back to his positive self. So has anyone else experienced brief depression for no obvious reason?