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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Ok so my 4 year old daughter just got Diagnosis as Gluten intolerance, So I decided to get tested being that I have had stomach issues all my life. I got tested done on Tue and I started Gluten free that night. I noticed that not eating gluten took away my constipation that I have been dealing with for 4 years. It gets so bad that I bleed. All the doctors ever say is just take a stool softener every other day. I had a Colonoscopy last year and everything looked ok. I cheated Sat night and had a sub on white bread and my the next day I was back to constipation the next day. Is it possible to have relief of symptoms that fast? My doctor email me results today and they all look normal. He said we are still waiting on a few. These are the ones I got back. Gliadin IgA my value was a 9 Range 0-19 Gliadin IgG My Value was 10 Range 0-19 Reticulin Ab - IgA (Screen) <1:5 <1:5 SO I wrote the Doctor asking him Did we do a total IGA to see if I was IgA deficient.. I was reading that if you are IgA deficient than it can affect the results of the test. What test are we waiting on? And do you think it would be worth doing the biopsy? Also what about IgE wheat antibody? This what he wrote back.. Do you think I’m doing the right stuff? Are there any other test that I should have done? We are waiting on the celiac reflex panel and the tissue transglutaminase IGG. I would like to wait until this returns and if everything is normal, then we will add the total IGA level to see (I cannot remember if the IGE wheat is a part of the reflex panel as they changed what was in that not too long ago). I will happily add the IGE test once we get the results of the other stuff and we will go from there. Thanks everyone
  2. We have started the Gluten free foods with her and I have noticed a difference with her already. The other night she was giving me a hard time and wanted Pizza, with in an hour she was crying that her stomach hurt and was very off mood wise. I have always had digestive issues myself diarrhea When I was younger to the point I didn't want to go places to after I had my four year old constipation to the point of bleeding. I had a Colonoscopy last year at only 32 to find I have Internal hemorrhoids. I just went to the doctor yesterday to ask them to test me. My husband on the other hand is not sure about any of this.. I working on him..
  3. Ok everyone I'm new to this Forum. My name is Jessica and i'm a mother of 6 children who all have digestion issues. But my four year old little girl has been complaining about stomach aches for a year now. She is very pale and has no energy. Nothing for her to stay on the coach all day. Often has colored stools. I feel that we have always eaten healthy. So we took her to the doctor a few months back and they did some blood work to see if she had lyme. Than we went back because it was not lyme and they tested for celiac.. One test Endomysial IgA came back at 21 range ( 0-19). We were sent to gastro and they did a biopsy that came back neg. The gastro doctor says she is not celiac but Gluten intolerance. What does everyone think?? Help Please