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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Help. Need Some Advice

    I had a blood test for celiac done about two years ago and it was negative, however my GI at the time said I could still have it. Basically when I eat gluten I get a metallic taste, and also deal with joint problems. Not eating gluten I don't taste metallic anymore, so not sure what that means. I've been gluten-free for four months now because my insurance wouldn't pay for my procedures and I couldn't afford them out of pocket. So I decided to do what I could to help the situation and I've noticed I have less watery stools, and now my poop is more solid (yet still not one solid piece), however if I get soy or some other thing I'm not supposed to have I have loose stools again. I guess when I do get my tests done I'll have to eat gluten for a bit so they can see, but my main concern is with PI, or pancreatic insufficiency. I should have clarified that my doctor didn't actually say chronic pancreatitis, he actually said pancreatic insufficiency, but I just assumed he meant the former. Now I'm beginning to wonder if he meant PI as a result of ongoing IBD. So, your fat malabsorption was due to damage to the villi? I'm asking because you said now you don't have that problem anymore. How long did it take before you healed enough so that you no longer had fatty stools?
  2. How many of your doctors initially thought you had chronic pancreatitis? How many of you had fat malabsorption before or after diagnosis? I'm asking mainly because the biggest thing doctors look for in chronic pancreatitis is fat malabsorption, but what if you have it because of damage to your villi instead? How do they check know it's one and not the other? My first GI was under the impression I think that I had chronic pancreatitis, because my fat malabsorption rate was high. However, my new GI hasn't said anything about it, and my colonoscopy and endoscopy tests are scheduled next month. I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs, and the first two are main causes of chronic pancreatitis. I don't even have pain anywhere, which is a another typical sign for it. So, I'm just confused why a doctor wouldn't think damage versus chronic pancreatitis.
  3. I've been gluten-free now for about four months. Not so bad, but I'm still getting excessive gas from lots of foods, like milk, soy (D), even sometimes peanut butter (but only when I eat it in large amounts), and I'm tired of it. My face continues to lose weight even though I've managed to put on three or four extra pounds. What is happening? Also, do any of you have more D whenever you get nervous, as if you had a nervous colon? I've had this since this all started and that's why I thought it was IBS. However, that doesn't cause malabsorption. I'm beginning to think I have IBS and something else.
  4. So, been on a gluten-free and sf diet for about two months now with no metallic tasting (I'm undiagnosed, btw). I had two bites of a cookie today and fifteen minutes later had metallic tasting. Anyone else?
  5. The Uncommon Question

    It definitely stops after about eight hours of eating, sometimes longer, because I didn't have it at all for weeks while on the gluten-free diet. Mind you, I didn't have pizza the whole few weeks either so IDK. BellVie, you said that you used to get a similar taste in your mouth after eating baked goods, I'm guessing this was before you were diagnosed? So, then did you celiac cause this or was it a food alergy? Just a little confused.
  6. The Uncommon Question

    But was this related to your celiac or a food allergy?
  7. So, I've been on a gluten-free diet for a little over a month and decided to go out and try Dominos gluten-free pan pizza. Although they claim the ingredients are gluten-free, they clearly state that its made on the same tables as regular pizzas. There's a risk of cross-contamination. But that's not even my problem. I am undiagnosed and have went on the gluten-free until I can find out what's wrong. Here's my question. Since I've been off gluten for a month, I have not had a problem with vague metallic tasting, until tonight when I ate this pizza again. Nobody has been able to explain this to me, and I find it frustrating because it makes no sense. I was already tested for mercury and other poisonings, and I had none. I find it interesting that I haven't had a problem until eating this pizza (since being on the gluten-free diet), which is made on glutenous pizzas. Any thoughts?
  8. People sometimes get the impression from me that I don't like them because I don't socialize outside of my "inner circle". It's been this way since I can remember, like I come off as if I'm just too "busy" or "important" for anyone else. I cannot stress that is not the case. Although I am very reserved, which I think is a better word, this characteristic of mine is natural to me that I don't even know I'm doing it. I will say this though, there's nothing wrong with being reserved. I've learne...

  9. There must be another level. There must be more. I can't take this singular, circular, self-centered life. I'm shooting for the great, not the mundane.

  10. I'm sad to announce we're all products of our "popular" culture. We do not act and think intuitively, like we should, but rather we are machines for propagating the invisible governing principles instilled within us by marketing, influence, technology, and many other forms of unaware impositions. What if I told you that you were not who you were but were acting according to what you have been framed to be? Would it not be enough to reconsider who you were and what you thought and the reasons...

  11. I need some melodic ideas to go with a song I'm working on. Typically, I don't play melodic death metal, but one song that I'm working on in particular sounds very death metal and has a lot of potential. Please refer death metal musicians >here

  12. Wal-Mart is a nightmare! Never doing that again.

  13. I have been working on a song and I keep hearing this one part in my head. It just plays over and over. It's going to be a great song. Sounds very Wintersun-like though.

  14. Tell me "I feel like a can of smashed assholes" isn't the absolute worst saying you've ever heard in your entire life. Thanks Nikki.

  15. I've heard dogs play better notes than that. Do yourself a favor and re-evaluate your purpose.