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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My daughter had her endoscopy (I asked last month if it was needed). It came back postive for Celiac. We started our gluten-free journey on Friday. I am doing it with her because even with my blood work coming back negative, I think I may have it. I also have thyroid and sjogrens and hope to see an improvement there. She is doing great. We have been enjoying our gluten-free foods, and she is so excited to still be able to have Eggnog. Our first non family outing is on Saturday at Barnes and Noble. The school is having a fundraiser. They are making school colored frappachinos. She was disappointed that she won't be able to have one, but I promised something "good" for her in its place. She has had a sloshy belly, the first symptom that started me researching and realizing everything else made sense too. After only 4 days he sloshing is nearly gone. She is so excited about that. Now we are hoping that the constipation improves soon as well as weight gain. I have noticed an improvement in her appetite and she has even gone back for seconds for dinner the last two nights. Our first b-day party will be on Dec 8th. It is at a really cool pin ball place so hoping that distracts from what she can't have. But as I just read the other posts about the cupcakes, I will have one in hand for her. Yes, it seems overwhelming at times, like in the grocery store. But I do love the options. It seems it is all about mind set. I just have to think about what we CAN have rather than focusing on what we can't :-) ~Missy
  2. The nurse called me back. Yes she has to stay on gluten as normal - everyone was correct, thank you! And luckily there was a cancelation so our 12/6 appointment got moved to 10/30. Yay! We are seeing a pediatric GI for consultation and then he will do the scope on the soonest Friday that he can fit her in. My blood work will be done on Monday. I will ask about getting my son's done as well. My husband luckily has no symptoms and doesn't have any other autoimmune, so he will bring it up at his next physical. I personally have hypothyroidism and sjogrens. Thank you all for you help, now I am going to jump over to the Newbie 101 thread :-) ~Missy
  3. Thank you so much! Yes, I want her to be the healthiest she can be. I am an "act on it now" kind of girl, and feel at a loss of control. We have been dealing with her weight for 7 years and I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I know they did a full celiac panel and food allergy test. I will request the results. I will call the nurse back and leave another message. Thank you for your help, I know I will be back with more questions. Can't wait until I am able to post answers because of knowledge :-) ~missy
  4. I want her to feel better. Is there value to the Endocscopy if we already have a diagnosis? ~Missy
  5. My 7 year old was diagnosed yesterday - her celiac blood panel came back postive. Her symptoms are sloshy belly, going potty during meals, and very small stature. The Family Dr said for us to seek a pediatric GI. I found one and set up an appointment for 12/6. I asked if she could go gluten-free now or if we should wait until after the appointment. I was sent to the nurse and left a message, waiting on return. I have two questions 1) why does she need to see the GI, we have the diagnosis, shouldn't we start the diet? and 2) what are they going to do that the GI - after a panel has come back positive? Thank you so much for your help. I have been reading the board a ton the last two weeks and have gained so much knowledge. ~Missy