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  1. After suffering from chronic D, skin issues (red, scaly patches on my legs, cradle cap (?) on my scalp), sore, stiff joints that made me feel and walk like I was 90 years old (I'm in my 50s) - I read the Wheat Belly diet and eliminated gluten from my diet. It has been like a MIRACLE!!!!!! Not only did my D and sore joints improve within the first week, warts that I have had for years dried up and disappeared without any treatment. I used to treat them with OTC remedies, tried duct tape, occlusive bandages .... But they would always come back. I also have a plantar's wart that seems to be shriveling up, but isn't gone yet. The warts on my hand and foot look like they have healed from the inside out. It took about a month for the warts to disappear. I can't believe that this is a coincidence! I haven't been able to find much online about gluten intolerance and warts, but maybe the sample size is too small. I've read that warts could heal when the immune system gets tuned up after eliminating gluten. Maybe that's true - but I was never a sickly person to begin with, so my immune system seems to have been working okay. Seriously, I had one of the warts for about 7 or 8 years! I would get rid of it but it always came back. Now there is just a light pink scar where it used to be. The only thing I did was eliminate gluten. I also had a pretty good sized cluster of warts on the bottom of my foot - they dried up and came off just the other day. The plantar's wart is looking dry and feels hard. I know that it's the next one to go! Getting rid of the warts is just amazing. I also feel 20 years younger. I can get up from a chair or get out of my car and walk normally again. My D stopped almost immediately. If I had gone to a doctor with my symptoms, I probably would have been put on meds and had all kinds of invasive testing done. Yet, something as simple as a diet change has made all the difference in the world. I'm telling everyone I know to try gluten free for a while to see what happens. Thanks for reading! But yes, I do believe that my gluten intolerance had something to do with warts!