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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Yeah I would be ticked off. I have offered my hubby to have one of my gluten free buns and his response "Your buns are gross. The are hard and dry and lack flavor." Well I called him on that bs and he appoligized and said that he misspoke and what he ment was that I should save the buns for myself amd he could eat anything else. Save himself from being stabbed with a fork. I would tell dh how you feel and then next time your running errands, enjoy a solo trip for a cupcake.
  2. No Longer Reacting To Gluten?

    I had this happen. Before I was diagnosed I had several episodes of stomach pain that went away when I went off gluten. Then y stomach would feel better and I would start eating wheat again. All this accomplished was my symptoms coming back worse then before.
  3. It's Hard To Lose Weight With No Energy!

    There should be lots of low cost healthy gluten free options. Keep to whole foods like fruit, veggies, protien and nuts. Possible look at cutting out caffine. Also if you have insurance, have your doctor check your thyroid and vitamin levels.
  4. Do you drink Cafinene? I found that I actually had more energy once I cut it out.
  5. I use to get the most painful, loud and emberassing hiccups. I would have them at least 3 times a week and they were awful. Dear husband and I were talking last night and he mentioned that I have not had hiccups in a longa time. I never thought that would be associated with Gluten but I guess it was. Anyone else have this happen?
  6. I had the same. I could eat staggering amounts of food and still be hungry. Having an empty stomach would make me so crazy. Now I eat bot nearly as much and Im satisfied.
  7. Ugh...just Need To Vent

    I have totally been there done that. I think my first week off wheat I cried thinking I would starve to death. I didnt, and my emotions did calm down (except when I get glutened), but if my husband tries to eat garlic or french bread in front of me it would be BAD!
  8. I also have come up negative on blood /endoscope but have esiohigitis and issues with vitamin deficiancy along with family history of celiac.
  9. Megsybeth, its interesting that you ask what my instinct says. I have felt like something was off with her for a while. Her growth is fine for now, but she has awful constipation. When she does go, its tan and sorry to be gross, but HUGE! She is very pail and has dark circles under her eyes. She complains of leg pain. The biggest issue is the sudden behavior change. She has always been a bit anxious but latley her anxiety has been a big problem as well as huge off the charts tantrums over nothing.
  10. The dr office called and said it was negative but she didnt give me the numbers so Im going to go in and get a print out of the results.
  11. It sounds like you have an answer already if he reacted to wing sauce so badly. I would stick with gluten free.
  12. I totally felt the same way. I would never be able to give up bread, pasta, or baked good. That was until I found out how malnourished I was and thats why I spent years feeling awful. Way it hard to give up, Yes, but totally do able. I still have a long way to go, but Im getting better. Plus, there are so many gluten free options avaliable.
  13. I had my 5 year old tested yesterday and now Im just waiting for results. Im more afraid of a false negative than a positive. I just hope what ever the result that its accurate. I dont want to find out in a year or five that she was celiac and I have been damaging her.
  14. In my case it was a B1 deficiancy and screwy thyroid numbers. Have they checkes you for blood sugar issues?
  15. Im betting you got glutened. I have been glutened more times than I can count at Starbucks so I quit going. I thought I read on another post that movie theater popcorn wasnt safe but Im not sure. It also tales time to jave symptoms resolve.