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  1. I am new to this forum but I was searching for information on cruising gluten free when I saw your post. I cruised with Holland America on a 7 day Alaskan cruise in May 2012. I got that same very strange form that I filled out wondering when I was going to eat the 21 pastas I had selected. However, when I got on board the ship, that form seemed to have nothing to do with what happened. We opted for going with one of the seating options where we had the same waiter every day for dinner. The first night's dinner was a bit rocky, they were aware of my need, but I was still really limited in my choices. Night two was great. I had more gluten free food than I could imagine. I got the menu the night before and selected my choices. They were even able to adapt one of the desserts to be gluten free after the first night. For breakfast, I was able to order gluten free muffins and toast. When it was delivered one of the mornings they were not able to accommodate my request for a particular gluten free option and they were extremely apologetic. The next morning, it showed up with my other selections. We had exactly one problem when I tried ordering gluten free cereal. I was brought regular Rice Krispies, not the gluten free kind. It was in its box so I knew not to eat it. When I brought this to the attention of the dining staff they went above and beyond to fix the problem. Even when on the last night our dining time was switched because of a port of call, they were able to get my gluten free order brought to me at a different table, with a different wait staff at a different time. As for travel foods, I like Cliff Bar's new Kit's Organic and glutenfreeda granola packs. Also, there are a number of GoPicnic's that are gluten free that offer a full meal in a small, book sized box. I brought a lot of food with me on the trip that I did not need. Granola bars and snacks were all that was needed for those moments away from the ship. Hope this helps and your trip is a success.