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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Underweight Need Help Please

    thank you for that re assurance. I have been so worried about how underweight i am for years now. losing almost 40 pounds and not being able to put it back it back on at any cost was really scary to me and very worrisome to my wife and family. It has greatly limited my ability to work and hurt my pride alot... Ill take your advice and keep eating my repetitive meals. I am eating only fresh hamburger with no bun, potatoes and plain chicken. i have not started adventuring into my options. The pain free meals have me totally ok... I am started to try and figure out the best vitamins for me to seek out to keep myself from having deficiency.
  2. I really appreciate that. Homeopathy seems to be the only medical route i can take... My digestive track has no tolerance for lab created meds. and not sure if its mentioned on here and I will be sure to pass it onto the correct threads. But if anybody here struggles with Insomnia I would highly advise Skull cap or Valerian root as a excellent sleep aid. The valerian even promotes peaceful dreaming. Takes a few days to get working good and doing one week on and off swapping between skull cap and valerian root can really help keep anxiety down as well. Or depending on how many people here are medical marijuana smokers that works great as well. Ill go see what bit of info I can pass along here from my years of trial and error with symptoms. Thank you again
  3. Thank you. We will be getting our child tested but as of now our son is 18 months old standing 34 inches tall and weighs 32 pounds... Doctors keep telling us he is the healthiest child they have ever seen. He is always happy and he is past the height weight standards for a 3 year old and not even two haha. It is very nice to see him so healthy. So by the time he is four before school and everything we will get him tested so if need be we can get his diet changed up before he is enrolled in school. As of now he doesnt show the slightest symptoms of anything being wrong. I do understand that i should get tested. But here in the U.S health care is outrageous. I have called every place in my city. I cant get the test for anything under 350 around here. I have played around enough with my diet over the past half year to narrow down what was causing my problems. I do not need a diagnosis to feel better about my decision. I can get a complete diagnosis with endoscopy back overseas for under 100 dollars from the best doctors in the country there. The medical industry does not savagely pillage money from the lower class over there as they do to us here. Like i stated their doctors actually practice homeopathy and are allowed to give all natural suggestions. If something can only be cured by a plant over here doctors are not allowed to tell us that. They are such a profit organization in this country. Sorry to rant about that.... The medical care i get overseas is 1000 times better then what i receive here. If i have to go through the gluten challenge i acknowledge ahead of time that i was pre informed and I am doing so at the risk of terrible pain in the name of a diagnosis....
  4. So I am new to the gluten free and gluten intolerant world... took 4 years of digestion pains amongst other painful symptoms... The worst part has always been the absolute love for food.. but no obvious reasons why i couldnt enjoy a good meal without being in pain... Now that i have just started gluten free I am quickly feeling hopeless on how complicated making a decent meal has become... I know I am new and I need to start simple.. But the facts are that im 128 pounds at 5' 10".... Im underweight pretty badly... I use to be a healthy 160+... I really need to get weight back on... I am going to make my first tour of the grocery store from a gluten free perspective at the beginning of the week. What can you all suggest that will be good for getting on weight but not requiring me to eat so much im making myself sick... I am enjoying the solid painless meals and would like to keep them painless haha
  5. P.S ...... with the comment about the short temper.... FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE I have been the most gleeful full of life person people knew... Till I got sick 4 years ago and this irritability came about me that was surreal. It wasnt me... I couldnt convince others as to why I was becoming like this... Like a grouch with no desire to see light anywhere. It greatly affected my relationships in my life and really cut down on my self esteem... I knew inside that it was not who i was and how i really felt... Its like i was involuntarily being an ass to people... I am starting to feel like its the fact i was living in gut pain and nausea for so long and possibly the gluten... I have been so overwhelmingly happy today...I didnt expect such quick energy and mood changes... But each day is better
  6. These threads have been amazing!!!! You guys are awesome.... So if you are still following my thread i have achieved 72 hours gluten free.... I would like to quote " I feel like a new man". I have a smile on my face that i have not had in years and a full belly that is not taunting me with pain. While i wear myself out kinda of easy there is no doubt I have gone the proper route. My wife is still currently in Bulgaria. When I make my next trip out there in the spring I will go through a proper diagnosis there. The medical costs are practically free for citizens and residents there and the doctors are wonderful. The doctors are lawfully allow to recommend and prescribe homeopathic remedies there as well. I feel I will get much more reliable answers from a doctor that is not paid to tell me one thing without leeway. But yes 72 hours and I just have a feeling I cant describe... Familiar but long since felt. It is quite nice. I long to have the energy to keep up with my 18 month old baby boy... This is very important to me and will motivate me to keep with this diet. I am getting ready to do my first gluten-free grocery visit in a few days... But as a symptom question I would like to ask... would loose stool and random flashes of fatigue be normal along with some brain fog on my detoxing.... I am so lightweight and small that I feel I will detox fairly quickly... 5' 10" and 128 pounds.... if that matters...THANKS AGAIN GUYS!!! The links are great
  7. I appreciate the response with tips on this. I am getting well aquainted with eggs, rice, corn chips, and I am bulking up on some chicken and potatoes.. I will probably stay pretty strict on that for a while... Each meal im noticing more and more of a tolerance without that fatiguing nausea afterwords. Im glad I love to do experimental cooking... I was feeling a bit bummed out earlier but then i sat down to see what kind of items i have to get creative with and im surprised to say the least. I may have to do a gluten challenge later because I cannot afford the healthcare or tests as of now... I just want to put some weight back on and feel better.... a formal diagnosis is not of high concern... Once again i truly do appreciate the info tons to learn here for me.
  8. I appreciate the responses... I am not on health insurance as of this moment... I have moved back from over seas and still establishing myself back in my home state. I am looking into my options for at least some sort of cheaper testing method. I am not exactly concerned about a certified diagnosis. I just want to feel better. After 4 years of what i have gone through symptom wise if gluten free is the answer im prepared to do it no questions asked... I dont care about knowing whats wrong so much as i do getting better if you get me. I am underweight and hate it... could barely get myself to eat one meal a day for years. and now so quickly im seeing improvement on myself so i felt like this would be a good community to aquaint me with changes. I find forums very helpful. . . and as i sure you get alot on here.... im loaded with food questions and google doesnt always spit out comforting answers when it regards to food.
  9. Hello, So I have a bit of a story as to why im here. Several years back I was in the military and underwent a series of emotional and physical stresses I would label as severe. During the middle of these experiences I became very sick with stomach issues. This led to lots of other things, bad troubles sleeping, stomach discomfort, diahrea, severe fatigue, cloudy thoughts... The doctors in the Navy had a hayday experimenting with all sorts of possibilities as to what was wrong with me. I dropped like 40 pounds after several months of this. Eventually the doctors were baffled to a point they discharged me ( I assume out of fear for whatever reason) honorably. I became so fed up with doctors over the next year and trying to figure out what was wrong with me. May i add that i had a very horrible diet in my life for the whole extent of this...Living on all sorts of unhealthy combinations... I have always been a huge bread fanatic over the course of my life... Either way this all led to me dealing with these symptoms constantly for years. I was so fed up with doctors not finding out whats wrong that i took it upon myself to try and manage. Medicines and therapies did not help. Just recently over the past few months I resorted to trying to find dietary reasons for my problems.... It has essentially led me here... I have spent the past 2 days strictly gluten free with nothing but rice, plain chicken, hemp oil, and a couple other small things to keep myself fed... I am noticing a much greater tolerance to my meals with almost no nausea after my meals.... The difference was felt oddly sooner then I thought would be... This would be the short story of what led me here... I wanted to ask a community such as this if I may be onto the right thing here... I have a couple distant but blood related family members with celiacs so I thought i would try to see if this community could help me figure out what to do from here and if i am on the right track... Sorry for the long intro