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  1. I'm celiac for 11 years with many severe reactions to various foods (anything with lactose, beef, pork etc) , especially anything that is processed in any way (including rice) I tried to a eat gluten free diet but found that was very complicated as many items that claim to be gluten free still have 10 parts per million of gluten - yet they can be labeled as gluten-free. I get anaphylactic reaction to these types of foods so I can't trust any of the government approved packaging. So I got desperate and decided to change my lifestyle and relationship with food entirely. Thats when I discovered the raw lifestyle in December of 2011 and never looked back. I read though the responses above and just want to say that there are varying degrees of raw. Most definitions are about being 75% raw so I continue once or twice a week to have hot meal that includes a soup using the raw recipes but I do heat them up a bit so I can get the warmth considering I live in the great white north ! I blend my juices and bring them to work in a big cooler in glass jars.. most people have something to say (drinking swamp water etc) but i just ignore them as I need to do this to survive. I got my life back and that’s what counts...I can now go back to my corporate job and travel ....and enjoy life. All this to say , don't give up or lose hope .. the raw lifestyle can be very filling and fulfilling - just do it to a degree that you are comfortable with. I find this the best way to manage my celiac.