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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I went gluten free for 3 weeks, I am pretty sure I didn't get any gluten during that time. My tummy problems never went away, stayed about the same really. I decided to test and had a slice of bread, assuming my stomach would get really upset but it didn't. So does that mean maybe I don't have an issue with gluten? Do I need to go longer than 3 weeks before I test? (background: lots of symptoms, brother diagnosed, I have celiac gene but neg blood tests and pill cam study was normal)
  2. I was going to post something similar. I was gluten free for 3 weeks then decided to "test" (a piece of bread) and had no reaction. At least no tummy ones. I was really surprised since my tummy has still been really bad even without gluten so maybe I really don't have a gluten issue?
  3. I guess I didn't state it right. I have been off gluten for 12 days now. My very bad tummy problem had nothing to do with gluten that day at least. All I had was ice tea before they started. That why I wonder. I'm still staying gluten free I just wonder how long I should expect to notice a difference if it is gluten that is bothering me. Like I said in 12 days I'm pretty sure I have not had any gluten yet I still feel the same, maybe even worse. Because I've dealt with it with my brother I have a pretty good idea of what is ok or not so I don't think I've been inadvertently eating any.
  4. Ok I guess I had just seen a lot of, I stopped eatiing gluten this morning and I'm so much better. I think my tummy is a bit better but I still am having issues and running for the bathroom and wondering if it is something else or not.
  5. I went gluten free 11 days ago. I'm feeling the same/worse possibly. I wonder how long it should take to feel better or at least a difference if gluten was my problem? I have had negative blood tests, inconclusive biopsy and a pill cam study that they said had nothing too concerning (whatever that means-they were looking for the source of my anemia), but I have a gene for celiac and my brother is a diagnosed celiac and I have so many symptoms.
  6. We sound similar. I have horrible blood work(all my numbers pretty much are high or low the opposite of what they should be) plus I'm having horrible problems with my teeth. I've already had 3 fillings from pits in enamel and have 5 or 6 more to have done. No decay just nothing left, even with prescription toothpaste and calcium regeneration paste that hurts. My brother has celiacs, I have the gene but am still testing negative for it bloodwork wise and my biopsy was fine so I don't know..
  7. I apparently only got page 1 of 2 of my results. I'm not sure anything is on the second page. So this is what I have: tTg ANTIBODY, IgA 2.69 (<20 negative) DGP ANTIBODY IgA 2.28 (<20 negative) IgA 129 (says range 81-463, which I assume is normal?) So is it the IgA that you have to have a certain level of to trust the other results? And according to this mine is high enough to be reliable? Thanks! Also here is the report from the biopsy: microscopic description: Sections of the duodenum show an appropriate villous to crypt ratio without increased intraepithelial lymphocytes. No microorganisms, metaplasia, dysplasia or carcinoma is identified. gross description: recieved in formalin... and consists of multiple/tan soft tissue fragments aggregating to .8x.6x.3. TE 1 block. EV, PA (ASPC)
  8. From what I can read though it seems like non celiac gluten sensitivity wouldn't cause anemia. Is that true or could it still cause anemia?
  9. Personally I would like to have a diagnosis. I'm stubborn like that I guess but I'm a scientist and to me unless you can say that is what is wrong I'm having a hard time removing gluten.
  10. My husband told me last night that he thinks I'm grabbing on this celiacs because I want an answer but he doesn't think I have it and am grasping at straws. No he is not a jerk really (most of the time anyway:). He even was the one who brought up the idea of celiacs again after seeing show about it and thinking I do have all the symptoms. My brother has it, and I've been tested twice, both times my blood work was negative, I need to find it and can post, because I don't know if my overall numbers were low but I think the positive is greater than 20 and mine was 2. I also had a endo/colon and my dr took 1 sample and it came back fine. So I had two tests that were negative. I did the enterolabs and those came back positive but our dr says they are not something he believies. I do have one of the celiacs genes though. So I guess I need a reality check..if my blood work was so negative, my intestines look good should I get off thinking I have celiacs? What else could cause all the symptoms I have (anemia (severe), gastrointestinal problems, hair loss, joint pain, numb/tingly arms, etc...)? I am having a pill cam endoscopy later this week because my doctor thinks my anemia is caused by a bleed that he couldn't find during the endo/colon, maybe that will shed more light on the matter. I know the other things they are thinking for the anemia is a bone marrow issue :/
  11. Thanks! I am getting b12 shots weekly, they have talked iron infusions but I have not been refered to a hematologist yet, waiting on a pill cam study. My surgeon is convienced I have a bleed or something in part of my intestines they couldn't see, but doesn't think celiacs since my blood test was negative.
  12. I'm pretty new to this, I just got my enterolab results yesterday but have been researching a lot of what they meant. Maybe someone else has better answers but it doesn't really look to me like you are showing gluten sensitivity since your test was less than 10. Also the genes you have are not indicitive of celiacs, so you could be gluten sensitive but probably not celiacs. Your daughters would have at least one gluten senisitive gene from you. I don't know about doing a gluten challenge I don't think a gluten sensitivity would show up on a blood test but maybe someone else could chime in better on that.
  13. What does that mean to be IGA and IGG deficient? How would I know that? I seem to be deficient on everything else!
  14. My bloodwork was negative. It was my general surgeon, he did a colonoscopy and endoscopy and he only took one sample, so maybe it was incorrect? I don't know if he really knew what he was doing or just took a random sample because I asked about it. He did say everything looked fine to him. I got copy of the results but I need to find them, my husband might have threw them out. grr.