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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Discouraged, But Needing Hope

    Thanks, I'm glad to hear that the overwhelmed phase does get better. I am going to take vitamins and see if that helps carry me through! I think some times it just helps to have people who understand what I'm going through. And to know I'm not crazy...
  2. Discouraged, But Needing Hope

    Thank you. I needed to hear about the vitamins being a necessity! Thanks. I haven't checked my detergent, didn't even think about.
  3. I've posted my story on here before, so I won't repeat... but basically I've been strictly gluten free for about 2 months. I'm still having trouble w/ my emotions, irritability, hopelessness, anger.... need I go on? Other physical signs are itchy face and neck, and I look like I'm about 5 months pregnant in "bloat". Yuck! Of course my mind is playing tricks on me. I thought when I was accidentally glutened the stomach cramps would be my warning sign. That is most of the time...but I got these cramps on Thursday, and felt the effects of gluten all through the weekend and today I'm even more irritable than the other days. I keep reading that it takes time for your body to heal....it is so frustrating to be dedicating time to preparing gluten-free foods for my family of 5, but then to still be having side effects. I've eliminated gluten from our house, realized that even having cereal around for my toddler and 3 year old was making me paranoid. I'm not a clean enough person that I wash my hands all the time, so I knew I could easily be contaminated at home. I'm sorry to go on, but it really does feel hopeless when I have this in my system. I wake up in the morning thinking, "what is the point to all this hard work". I am currently not on any vitamins. I was on Travacor, but its too expensive. I have a probiotic from Costco I haven't started. Does it get easier? Does the emotional and psychological stuff go away? How long? I have a very supportive family, but honestly if I were them I would skeptical of what has happened w/ me and the "glutenings" I talk about....
  4. So, since I know gluten is the culprit, is it important to find out if I or my daughter are celiac? What are the next steps for my five year old? What are the benefits of a diagnosis for her?
  5. Okay, after doing an elimination diet in April, I realized gluten was really affecting my life. Depression, anxiety, fatigue, rashes, weight loss, and stomach cramps.... These all disappeared after 7 days eating gluten free. I re-introduced gluten for about 2 months, and realized it was seriously affecting my life and my brain. I stopped eating gluten again for 2 weeks and I was healed again.... Went to the PCP and he told me he believed I was gluten intolerant. He ran 2 tests for blood work and results came back negative. He told me to continue on a gluten free diet and be happy! My aunt had gone through testing through a naturopath to get all intolerances named. The woman who did it said it was electromagnetic testing to test for allergies. I did the testing and got my oldest daughter (5)tested and I came back gluten intolerant and my daughter is gluten and dairy intolerant. My question is: what am I missing? Does it matter if we are Celiac or G intolerant? We've adapted and are living free of gluten and dairy for her, but I keep getting this feeling that it isn't enough to not be sure if we are Celiac. How do I go about this with my daughter's pediatrician? Will they believe me since it was non-conventional testing?
  6. Nausea?

    I agree Amelia, great thread! I have been gluten-free for 3 months, and just 3 days ago started feeling nausea. When I am constantly on the lookout for being glutened, I have been so confused! I took 2 pregnancy tests bc it feels just like it did then.... I am thankful it might be just be getting out of my system. I will say I am completely confused at which vitamins to take now....and I don't know how much.... A bit overwhelming
  7. Here's my situation. Since my 3rd child was born a year ago, I had all these crazy symptoms I thought were post-pardum related: depression, anxiety, inflamation, gas, hair falling out, lost 50 lbs in 5 months... Anyways, did an elimination diet and found that all these things went away for the 6 weeks I was off gluten. Went to the Dr and did the blood test, and it came back negative for Celiac, but he said I am definetely intolerant to gluten just from my own personal testimony. So I had testing done through a naturopath, and sure enough I am intolerant to gluten. I asked if she could tell if I have celiac disease, and she said it didn't matter. The same diagnosis would be eating gluten free for life. That made sense at the time, but since then....so many questions! I have noticed that I am becoming more sensitive each time I get glutened. Plus, I have skin rashes on my face and neck that appear when I use products w/ gluten. Example: Redken hair color, and shampoo Does this mean I am allergic? I read the difference is in the reaction time, and my reaction is almost right away. Rash and very itchy. Could this be the dermititis rash thing I keep reading about? And if so, does this only occur w/ celiac disease?
  8. Brief Depression

    All I can think is if he is just recently learning that gluten affects him, maybe he still has it around and just hasn't put the puzzle together. I have almost all neurological symptoms. Crazy mood swings, irritability, and depression along with stomach cramps (which are helpful in hindsight to know what must've had gluten in it.). For example, shredded cheese from the store has gluten in it... it is dusted with flour. Imitation crabmeat has gluten in it. My foundation has gluten in it and was causing itchy patches all over my face. I am mentioning these things because until your brother decides to get serious in discovering what is causing his reaction, he won't pay attention enough. Does that make sense? You really have to become a detective about it! I am still learning. Sometimes the hard way....today I am going through a reaction from some granola I forgot had gluten in it. The feelings of depression are hopelessness, sadness, and feeling like everything runs in circles. If I'm washing the dishes I am thinking it will never end... If I'm doing laundry, it is a neverending cycle. Things like that. I hope this helps you. I noticed no one else posted, but thought it might help to hear what the depression part of it is like. I know mine will probably go away tomorrow. I have to keep reassuring myself that it is just for a time, and I will feel better again. Best of luck to you and your brother.