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  1. I have tried those too. Unfortunately, the apple drives out my curly dry hair. I am going to try the coconut.
  2. Hello, That is funny! Since I have dermatitis BAD, I am about to send out similar letters to companies. As if you have never heard of celiac.com! "Generally parts per million" made me laugh. That is a unit of measurement, not a numerical value! "Generally cause symptoms only when they're ingested" ... Ha! Wouldn't that be nice! Emily
  3. Hi Russ, I have had fissures, hemorrhoids, and once, a fistula. The fistula was before I went gluten-free. The fissures are better now that I am not drinking milk or consuming too many dairy products. Hemorrhoids are gone too. Like the other person here, my fistula went away on its own. The first doctor was going to do a closure procedure in the patient room on the day he found it. The thought of it made me woozy though and I left before he could do it. I went to another doctor several months later and he didn't see anything. In retrospect, I am glad that I didn't do it because I would be afraid the closure may have left a pocket/abscess. I wonder how often fissures close up... At this point, I am being conservative about the idea of any surgery. Sometimes 'surgeons do surgery' ... These superinfections that in surgery suites are also no laughing matter. It is scary how quickly someone could become septic from getting an infection in that area because it is so vascular. This isn't meant to be advice, just my anecdotal account. Emily