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  1. Hey there just wanted to warn anyone that has other allergies- these crackers may not be a good choice! I'm mildly sensitive to MSG- I only react if there's a giant amount like in Chinese food or Ramen noodles, etc. I literally have a to eat TONS of a the offending food before reacting. Anyway, I was excited to try these Trader Joes pumpkin crackers, kept hearing about them on the radio .... and they're gluten free! (I have Hashi's). I ate about 3/4 of the box last night. Woke up this morning with a red itchy face and nasal congestion, headache, anxiety. Hallmark symptoms for me of high MSG intake. (It does say yeast extract on the side but it's pretty far down the list). So if you're sensitive.... stay away! Apparently these particular crackers are loaded with it.
  2. The one in Lawton OK,I love them now! The manager was AWESOME, he actually is the one that took my phone order- had no problem helping me decide what was gluten-free. The eggs have no additives- just plain eggs with whatever you order in them. When I got there to pick it up, I noticed they had several separate grills- one doing eggs, one hash browns, one pancakes, etc. this may be because they were busy- I have no idea if they always do this and I am making no promises on behalf of Jimmy's Eggs, of course always check yourself. I had the vegetable omelet with cheese, and a fruit cup for the side. It was DELICIOUS!!! This is 3 hours later and I feel great too, not one peep from my tummy Just FYI to anyone that lives around a JE
  3. Aaaaannnnnd Another "rash Pics"

    Kmag are your outbreaks pretty much a rare thing now? I'm hoping that since mine are mild they won't come back almost ever after going gluten-free. *crossing fingers*
  4. Oh My Life :). It Is What It Is

    This is my first blog entry so I'm gonna keep it light. Plus I'm typing from my phone so that makes it tough to write a quality blog :) From my phone because walking to work! Hey celiac bloggers, I'm Stephanie, 36, an RN, and I walk 1.8 miles to work every morning so my teenager can keep the car. Lol people never understand that, and I don't understand how any MOM doesn't get that. We do what we have to do for oir kids. Plus, my jiggly a$s could use the exercise that's for sure. So anyhooooo.... The weather is beautiful. Today is day 3 gluten free. I have DH that's about 13 days old now, it's nearing the end hopefully. The last few outbreaks I had lingered on for awhile, the itch went away but the remnants/fine bumps stayed for a few months. Not bothersome just ugly. This entire summer I didn't wear a tank top one time because of the scars :( So far so good on the gluten-free! The only thing in my kitchen glutenous is a half loaf of bread, due to my daughter, which I will discuss more in detail later :) Thankful I have something so manageable. I'm thankful I found this website full of info and support. I'm thankful I found out now and not 15 years ago when the dx could have been super depressing. I'm thankful for a lot more than that this morning. <3 peace out
  5. Good morning all! I finally figured out how to get pics here from my phone. Soooo here are my pics if anyone would like to share an opinion. Ok a little FYI info... 1. Rash didn't start until about 5 years ago, and this is about the 10th time I've had it. 2. These pics are 10 days into the rash, so I know they look very mild but I forgot to take pics at the beginning 3. This particular episode was set off by Ramen noodles, AKA the devils dinner 4. I was hesitant to share the one of my chest- this isn't how they really look- before the picture I was showing my daughter how the little blisters are fluid filled, so popping them- turning them into this blotchy mess for the camera. 5. My head and ears and butt itch the most, yet no rash. Weird. http://s1355.photobucket.com/albums/q702/nursesrock76/?action=view&current=photo_zps58d15c93.jpg&evt=user_media_share http://s1355.photobucket.com/albums/q702/nursesrock76/?action=view&current=photo_zpsf8e9f738.png&evt=user_media_share http://s1355.photobucket.com/albums/q702/nursesrock76/?action=view&current=photo_zps5e00d7a0.png&evt=user_media_share http://s1355.photobucket.com/albums/q702/nursesrock76/?action=view&current=photo_zps143da8a2.jpg&evt=user_media_share I hope those links work! I have no idea what I'm doing LOL
  6. Look At My Pics Please

    Aw your rash looks super uncomfortable I hope it heals soon
  7. Rash Relief Help?

    OMGOSH I've had the worst time trying to reply to this. Anyhoooo..... Thank you tons for all the useful info, squirmingitch! And pricklypear.... What are the big offenders for iodine? Milk and seafood? I'm not gonna go psycho with it, I'd rather just ride it out then drive myself batty. My DH usually only lasts 2-3 weeks at most. But if there are big obvious things I can eliminate I definitely will. I'm fine without milk for awhile I'm SO THANKFUL to everyone that responded here its amazing what great support you guys give people By the way I was going to post rash pics here but I can't figure it out from my iPhone. . I will when I figure it out
  8. I have a loaf of Udi's in the fridge right now! good to know its not awful, I haven't tried it yet and I won't feel bad when I set a date to stop buying the Sarah Lee. The support in this place is awesome, thanks Nvsmom- kudos for the recipe! I'm kinda excited about figuring out new yummy stuff to make
  9. Oh I forgot to add, I am definitely taking pictures along the way, but the journal is a great idea I had t thought of. Starting tonight
  10. If I had an extra $200 I would actually consider that.... But considering I just spent $300 turning my kitchen gluten free I'm a little budget right LOL. But thank you sooo much! You make a really good point about my daughter and the college meal plan... When we've discussed this issue she says she will eat whatever can't live without sliced bread (keep in mind 17=stubborn).. I've had to compromise with that, baby steps, she can have her loaf of bread in the kitchen and maybe after she's used to the rest of the diet changes, she'll try my bread and change. For her, the mild occasional skin rash is tolerable, the acne she's dealt with since 8 years old, and she's accepted not being able to breathe through her nose and using an inhaler every few days. So the trade-off is not important to her. When she gets older and is tired if the symptoms it may be a different story. (I probably forgot to mention that when her doctor did an allergy panel on her when she was 7, wheat was her most severe one. So at the very least she is wheat allergic, I just believe with other symptoms she is celiac positive as well). So my goal for her is to just provide the right food here at home, let her have her stupid bread, and hope that by the time she goes to college her habits and choices will have changed a bit. And also send her gluten-free goodie boxes every month I'm sorry this post was so long! I'm not at all wanting to be a celiac disease whiny baby I just like to explain stuff
  11. Rash Relief Help?

    That was the most informative and awesome reply ever! Thanks adalaide! I will investigate the milk issue. I am hesitant to think iodine affects me that much because I love the heck out of seafood and have never ever had any reaction. But again, I don't know much about it regarding celiac disease so I'm definitely rolling to learn and try it. My daughter had a violent rash from shrimp when she was younger, combined with her wheat allergy I'm now wondering if it was all related? You have my wheels turning. I'll be reading more about it when I get off work Thanks again!
  12. I personally do not plan on receiving a formal physician's diagnosis for celiac disease. I am 10000000% I have celiac disease, as well as my daughter. We also do not have insurance. When she goes to college in 18 months, we will both have insurance, but we will be healed enough by then that surely any tests will be negative, and I'm not going to live in misery again for however long just to produce a positive test result! For me, the diagnosis is just not important. Treatment is our lifestyle change at home, not really affected by a Dr agreeing. Anyone else in this situation or feel the same?
  13. Rash Relief Help?

    Oh man I knew nothing about iodine. This is a bit overwhelming. Well I'm a milk maniac, I will check tomorrow about ours, it will probably be okay though because its Braums (local) and they're motto is no additives/medications/etc Thanks y'all so much for the info Love, ItchyA$s
  14. Rash Relief Help?

    Hi all. First I'd like to say I am new to celiac and tomorrow is my first day gluten free. Can someone help me with tips/pointers on itching relief until the rash subsides? This is the worst I've ever had it, it's on my trunk and butt and arms/neck. It's not as awful as some pics I've seen but the little microblisters are there, and I'm itching EVERYWHERE not just where I have rash. The most annoying itch is my ears, outer part, and scalp. Sometimes wrists/hands. I feel a general "tickle" all day and it's driving me NUTS. Sooooo.... Yes I've tried Benadryl (can only take it at night because I'm a healthcare provider during the day). Calamine didn't help much either I tried it last night. Anything y'all DH veterans can recommend? Also.... How long after refraining from gluten does the rash usually get better? I'm miserable