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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I just recently had 2 positive blood tests for celiac disease. I am waiting on the endoscopy in January. I read as much as I could about the disease & got lots of info & help from a friend who is celiac. I decided to cut out gluten as a test about 3 months ago. I noticed changes for the positive within days, some of which I haven't heard mentioned by others such as; NO MORE- cold feet at night, thick sinus phelgm..esp at night,aches & pains, extremely dry skin, gas/bloating, smelly bowel movements, lack of energy etc. I was amazed by the quick changes for the better & have never gone back. The more I read & the more follow this board, the more I think gluten hurts almost everyone, just to different extents. Many of my realtives have similar symtioms as I did & even many people in general complain of aches/pains/sluggishness etc. Does any else sense that gluten may be a bad thing for everyone & that we are just more sensitive than most or have I gone overboard with this?
  2. Looking for advice on restaurants here in St. John's that are familiar/helpful with meals for celiacs. I have Swiss Chalet's gluten-free menu & have heard that The Keg was a good choice. Also heard mention that Zapatta's, India Gate, Magnum & Steins, Bianca's & Cabot Club were possibilities but nothing definite. Any townies out there with experience here in St. John's? I had a positive blood test a few months ago & after a few days to a week gluten-free many symtoms I had lived with for years just vanished (very dry skin, cold feet at night, thick nasal phlegm-esp at night, stinky BM's, tiredness etc). I never really felt sick as such but I feel so much better now. The diet is more a nuisance than anything, especially with restaurants & travel. I HATE drawing attention to myself at restaurants by trying to explain my problem. But I do eat MUCH better now & feel healthier just because of that. As well, i have heard mention of a card that is avaiable somewhere than can be presented at restaurants explaining the disease & precautions that need to be taken by the cook. Where can I get those?
  3. I just returned from a 4 day trip also & as you said, my family was very helpful. However I find that it is very uncomfortable in restaurants for everyone involved (waiters, cooks & myself & my family) to go through the process of explaining what exactly my problem is. Most have no idea what I am talking about & actually I can hardly blame them. They are very busy & this is such an obscure disease (at least from the amount of people actually diagnosed). I've gotten to the point of saying that I am allergic to wheat & bread ( the word gluten gets a blank look from waiters) & after choosing something from the menu I think can be worked with (usually very limited choices) I try to make sure they use no sauces or spices when cooking it. Bread is easy to understand & allergy scares them to the point of being extra careful. I am new to all of this but I find that following the diet is easy compared to the restaurant/travel thing.
  4. I was diagnosed a few month's ago & also read the article re WalMart. In it they mention celiacs (1/133 people) and legions more that are sensitive to gluten. My blood levels were higher than normal (on two checks) but not extreme. I have not had a sample taken yet for testing ( that is scheduled for January). I have been on a gluten-free diet for 2 months and many symptoms disappeared almost right away (extremely dry skin, sinusl congestin, icy cold feet, smelly bowel movements etc.). However I was never really sick as in nausea, diarrhea, cramping etc. I know I have to go back on gluten before being tested & will do so 3 months before. I am curious as to the extents of the disease. My 8 year old niece has it (not a blood relative) & a mere crumb makes her extremely sick. I am almost sure that if I had a sandwich & a piece of cake I wouldn't notice any difference. I have been eating like that for 47 years up to now. I know it may still be doing damage & the increased risks of some cancers etc. I am rambling but my point is....Are some peoples sensitivity to gluten less than others & need they be as extreme in watching out for each crumb or even every slice of bread for that matter? I feel so much better that i have no plans to go back to my old diet. However I am concerned on being so strict when travelling with my family. We love to travel & I know there are ways to avoid gluten even then but I hate putting them through the hassle. Thanks, Paul