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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Since being diagnosed I've told me immediate family they should get tested too. I'm not so worried on my mom's side but I think my dad and brother should get tested because my dad's sisters both have gi problems - one aunt has crohn's and IBS and the other has a whole bunch of food sensitivities - neither has been diagnosed celiac but still. My brother refuses to get tested because he doesn't have any symptoms. I've told him that you can have celiac without symptoms, but he just doesn't want to know. I get it...if you don't feel sick then it's probably way harder to cut out gluten, but I also don't want him to get osteoporosis and cancer :S. I don't think he has it, but it's not hard to get a blood test.
  2. I don't have too many horror stories...I've been lucky with docs. My family's GP is kind of scary though. Apparently he's a great doctor, but I don't know if I believe the hype! He always fights with his receptionist, which probably raises the blood pressure of everyone in the waiting room. When I had my positive blood test, all of the doctors who saw it said, "woah, yeah, you definitely have celiac" (but recommended the biopsy too, of course). Two gastros recommended that my immediate family members get a blood test, just in case. My dad went in and the GP said that he shouldn't get the blood test if he doesn't have symptoms. 'Cause no one with celiac doesn't show symptoms. I wonder if he'll allow the blood test now that I've been officially diagnosed?
  3. This is really interesting - I have anxiety and those cease-less thoughts as well, and I am hoping they will get better off gluten. I've only been off gluten for a month and I'm not really feeling any difference, in belly or mind, but I've heard it can take a while! My thoughts usually center around some incident that happened that I play over and over in my head, or my brain will make up morbid scenarios that I can't stop thinking about.
  4. thanks for your replies... I am holding out hope! I find it hard to tell what's going to end up a celiac symptom and what's not. I am tired all the time, but I don't keep a very strict sleep schedule either. The anxiety is the worst though. It did seem to get bad at the same as my gasto issues did so hopefully they'll both die down together!
  5. Objection!! @matrockswell can't be both lawyer and judge. His stupid face forbids it @AgentEmily

  6. Hi everyone! I was just diagnosed with celiac last week, but I've been off gluten for a month - since right after the biopsy. I've been dealing with some pretty bad anxiety for the last year, which is about the same time I've been going through the motions to get diagnosed with celiac (blood test positive, first biopsy negative, second biopsy finally positive!). I was just wondering how many of you have suffered from anxiety and whether or not it went away when you went gluten-free, and if it did, how long did it take?
  7. Hi! I'm new here, I was just officially diagnosed last week after a positive blood test and biopsy. I've been eating gluten-free for about a month, since right after the biopsy. I can sympathize...people keep asking me if I feel so much better now, but I haven't really noticed any change yet. I'm hoping that I'm not eating anything cross-contaminated, but I have heard that it can take a while for everything to heal up!
  8. sign language - good candidate for #beyondliteracy! really gets those mirror neurons going http://t.co/1rbphZQh