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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Vegetarian Roll Call!

    Wow, this is great! Thank you! I think I'm having trouble processing the extra fiber as it seems to all go right through me really fast. Digestive enzymes is a goood idea. I guess it will just take time for my little microbes to decide that veggies are just the way it's going to be.
  2. Vegetarian Roll Call!

    I am celiac and trying to transition to a vegan/vegetarian diet. I've been gluten free for about ten years. I've just started introducing vegetarian dishes and phasing out meat/egg based ones in my family. My problem is that my tummy is not adjusting to the transition. Any idea how long it will take my insides to adjust to the different foods? I have not even really started with legumes yet in a major way since I figured those would take a real adjustment.
  3. I used to drink Crystal Light all the time too. And I couldn't figure out why I was sooo achy and tired and sore all the time. It said gluten free so I wasn't worried about gluten too much, but then I started having constant head aches... and thought about the sweetener. So I stopped everything with aspartame... the only artificial sweetener I allow now is a small amount of Stevia. Guess what.. aches and soreness and headaches are muuuuuuch better. Much more energy too. Seems I can't tolerate artificial sweeteners... so no more soda or diet soda for me... I did find a Stevia sweetened lemonade that I use once in a while but not often.
  4. If your blood tests do come out as negative, and they might, you can ask for genetic testing to rule out celiac and an endoscopy to check for damage. I was in a similar situation years ago. I was gradually getting more and more tummy problems, a friend suggested cutting back on gluten and bam, I felt better when I did. So, when I finally was able to find a doctor who was willing to believe I didn't just have IBS, I already knew that if I ate gluten I had major diarrhea problems and pain... so went basically gluten free. I told that to the doc and he didn't believe me... but my blood tests all came back negative. Then he did the genetic tests to rule out celiac... they came back positive. Then he did an endoscopy and found damage and diagnosed me... and sent me to a dietitian who knew less about going gluten free than I did. I've been extremely careful since then.
  5. Right side pain under the rib can also be gall bladder. I had problems with that before finding out about my celiac and thyroid issues. It can be extremely painful.
  6. Overwhelmed

    Well, first of all, self diagnosis is tricky at best. It is possible you may have other food sensitivities or allergies or something else is going on with your digestive system. Did you have the celiac panel run before you went gluten free? Did your GI doctor do an endoscopy and take several samples to test? There are lots of things that can cause digestive issues. Also, if you do have celiac, it takes a long time to heal and sometime other seemingly harmless foods cause problems for awhile. Giving up gluten is not a problem or a burden once it becomes clear that gluten is actually poisonous for a celiac's body. But giving it up unnecessarily is tough.
  7. My thoughts, as a non-medical celiac person who has the genes, is talk to your doctor... And don't do anything right now based only on the genetic test. People can have the genetic markers and not develop the disease or symptoms until they are middle aged or more. The genetic test, as I understand it, tells us who might develop celiac not who definitely will.
  8. Well, if I were you, I would go see your doctor and talk to him/her about all this. Tell your doctor about your anxiety. When I finally did, my doctor prescribed a low dose of an anti-anxiety med and it has made a world of difference in my life. About the whole thing with the B12 and the weird symptoms . Keep taking the B12 in the meantime to see if that helps again. But talk about it anyway. If you want a celiac test, ask for the panel to be done. Your doctor may or may not want to send you to a GI for that. Remind him your mom is being tested. You do not have to wait for her results. Work with your doctor if possible and if not, maybe find a doctor you can work with. If all you end up needing is b12, that's a good thing. If you end up needing more help, starting with your doctor and a heart to heart Talk will have you going in the right direction.
  9. I agree with the previous posts. Get some reliable info. Also, have you had your thyroid checked? Might be something to think about. Just don't panic, breathe... Keep your blood sugar where it needs to be. Good luck figuring it all out!
  10. Could your child be being exposed at school? Maybe sharing snacks? Or crumbs from someone else's lunch getting into your child's lunch? Exposure from play dough? I teach pre-k and know I have to be super super careful with myself with all the crumbs from the children's wheat based snacks all over the place. And play dough gets into everything once it gets on to a shoe. All it takes for sensitive people to be exposed is for some of those traces left by wheat eaters/users to get onto our hands and then accidentally into us.
  11. That seems kind of backwards to me. Usually they use the biopsy to confirm the blood tests, I think. I know one can test negative on the blood tests and still be positive on the biopsy and have celiac, so ... Hmmm... It will be interesting what they end up saying about you.
  12. Believe me, no preschool teacher wants to deal with D if it can be avoided by something as simple as providing gluten free alternatives... You may need to send in gluten-free bread and crackers for your child, and possibly play dough, but if you are not able to get a 504plan, try working with the school's administration, teachers, assistants, and nurses to educate them and give them solutions. If you send in alternatives and ask staff to make sure your child washes hands frequently and meal tables are wiped down well that should do it... As long as your child doesn't try someone else's snack or taste something they shouldn't. Sometimes just explaining that you know the problem exists and that a formal diagnosis has not yet been obtained still gets cooperation. That's the way it works in the preschool where I teach anyway.
  13. For what it's worth I tested negative on the ttg blood test as I had been gluten free for a long time prior to being tested for celiac. I had the genetic marker test to rule out celiac but those were positive, so we did the biopsy. The biopsy was positive even though I had been gluten free. I am now extremely carefully gluten free and can tell I am healing and am also very sensitive when accidentally contaminated by teensy crumbs. I have since discovered that my great grandfather died of celiac.
  14. I am a teacher in a public school preschool program and I have celiac. Yes, you can ask for a 504 plan. But make sure that you talk to everyone who has anything to do with your daughter. The preschool will be vigilant but will not eliminate wheat products from the school. You will need to politely and pleasantly advocate for her and educate the staff. Finding or creating handout with information on them would be very helpful. Make sure they understand that this is more severe than an allergy in many ways. Sometimes people think they understand this disease but they don't understand about cross contamination or how tiny bits can still cause problems. You are going to need to make sure they understand how important it is for her to wash her hands constantly. And they need to make sure any substitute teachers are informed too. If it is a half day it is easier as there is just snack and other kids hands to contend with, lunch is harder. But it is a rewarding experience. Help the staff question every substance that might accidentally get in her mouth... Paint, playdoh, glue, everything... And both home and school emphasize keeping hands out of mouth and washing things off of hands. I have had kids with extreme allergies in class and celiac and we all worked together without a 504 and things were fine. But if you can get a 504 do it. It is something you can refine in preschool and have ready we she goes to kindergarten and may really need it.
  15. Thank you, Kitty... I had not thought of that difference... I think what I had was stomach flu, but since my reactions are changing now, I was wondering how to tell.