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  1. Hello, My daughter was 3.5 years when I got the confirmed diagnosis.The symptoms that led to me asking for the testing were as previously mentioned, irritability, moodiness, clinginess, inability to settle and very restless sleeper, dark bags under the eyes (some sort of defficiency?), and always suffering from some sort of abdominal upset. At 2 years nearly every day without fail she would tell me"mummy,sore tummy" repeadetly. Then, she started getting these intense muscle cramps in her legs- like little rocks in there! As well as severe joint pain in her hips, knees and ankles. When I did my research and asked around I realized these could all be direct or indirect symptoms, as you're probably aware, of the flow-on effects on the body. The joint pain and leg cramp thing is rarely listed as a common complaint- but her paternal aunt has it too- (the reason I was looking out for it like you) and she recollects getting horrible cramps around time of diagnosis too (which was 18 years for her). Hope this helps