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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Biopsy Results

    Thank you! You are the best!!!
  2. Biopsy Results

    Thanks Lisa! My tests were negative, TTG (iga), AGA (iga and igg), and EMA. Normal Immunoglobulin levels. The DGP was NEVER ordered. Hmmm, wonder if this could be the missing link? I am just so frustrated because my stomach hurts every single day. I only had my ferritin, B-12 and Folate checked. All normal. But my teeth are eroding badly (according to a recent dentist visit) so I know I have malabsorption issues. All this plus my son has similar symptoms! Why is testing so elusive????
  3. Biopsy Results

    Well, the other tests that were missing for celiac are negative. Antibiotic for Giardia is the next step. It wasn't caught on the biopsies, though. Anybody has had a similar situation? Thanks so much!
  4. Biopsy Results

    Sigh, thank you for your reply. I will probably take the antibiotic and also try the diet and see if I feel better. So tired of my stomach hurting ALL the time.
  5. Hi everybody! A quick recap: Negative Ttg IGA: Result <1 (Range: Positive >4) Normal Immunoglobulin A 179 (Range: 81-463) Had an endoscopy done on 11/30 and doc wanted to see me back for results. Here's exactly what's written on the report: SECOND PART OF DUODENUM, BIOPSY: FOCAL MILD SURFACE INTRAEPITHELIAL LYMPHOCYTOSIS COMMENT: No evidence of celiac sprue is present. The biopsy shows small intestinal mucosa which has a normal villous architecture. Focally, however, there is a minimal increase in the number of intraepithelial lymphocytes. No Giardia organisms are identified on the H&E stained section. Normal villous architecture with increased numbers of intraepithelial lymphocytes can be seen in a wide variety of clinical settings. The differential diagnosis includes partially treated-latent sprue, first degree relatives of patients with gluten sensitivity, dermatitis herpetiformis, bacterial overgrowth, Helicobacter P gastritis, hypersensitivity to non-gluten food products, lymphocytic-collagenous colitis, Crohn's disease. NSAID use as well as a variety of autoimmune disorders. STOMACH BIOPSY: Normal no evidency of H Pylori. No evidence of dysplasia or malignancy. (I summarized this part but everything is normal except for "nervous gastritis".) 6 samples from stomach and 6 from duodenum were taken. Doctor said the duodenal results can be seen in Celiac but since my bloodwork was negative he is ruling it out. He wants to treat me with a harsh antibiotic for Giarda to see if I feel better. (Biopsy result didn't catch any Giarda). He also said this doesn't look like Chron's. We are waiting till January to start antibiotic since it is nasty and so I can enjoy the Holidays. I asked him why is he ruling out Celiac if bloods can be false negative and he said not when all 4 tests were negative. I was like "Ummm, you only did 2!!!". Had more blood drawn today for the missing tests which are the Endomesyal one and the Gliadin one. Sorry, had to turn in the order and don't remember the exact names. Forgot to mention other than Gastro symptoms (bloating, rumbling stomach, pain, fluffy stools) I have eroding teeth and joint pain. I also think my energy levels have decreased. Thoughts please??? I am desperate!
  6. I did have some sort of pain after the endo procedure! It was especially painful when I bent over or laughed. It only lasted a couple of days, though.
  7. Hello! Quick update: After waiting almost 2 weeks for my endo results, I got a call from the nurse yesterday who said the doctor wanted to see me for my results. After a moment of TOTAL PANIC and after she scheduled me for the appointment I asked what he had said and if it was something bad. She then just said, "Oh no, that's what I was going to say next. It is nothing bad so no worries." SIGH, ummmm, maybe you should start by saying that when you call people?!? SIGH. Anyway, has anyone else have had to go back to discuss results? I am still a little worried but she did say "nothing bad, no worries". My appt. is on Monday, will update then! And please let me know your thoughts or if you have gone through the same. Thanks everybody!
  8. Hi Darkfire Ann! So were you ever diagnosed with Celiac after all? Did you have blood tests done? What did you do after your endo? Are you gluten free? Just curious to see what road you took after the procedure!
  9. Freaking Out

    Yes! And you had answers right away!
  10. Not yet! He said it was going to be about a week so I am hoping he calls tomorrow. I haven't gone gluten-free just because something tells me to get tested with the whole panel in case results come back negative (I only had the Ttg Iga and total IGA tests done). I am just so worried to be left without answers! He didn't see any abnormalities to the naked eye so we'll see what the results say. I don't even know how many biopsies he took! Ugh. Even though I am not gluten-free yet I haven't been heavily glutening myself. My knees hurt and my stomach bothers me constantly! I don't think this is just a matter of non-erosive gastritis but we'll see. Please keep us posted on your results as well!
  11. PS--- I asked why he didn't order other Celiac tests before and he said the EMA is not used anymore and the DGP can be positive for other reasons that have nothing to do with Celiac. Hmmm... I have read here this test is very Celiac sensitive so I don't know. Any words of wisdom??? Thank you so much!
  12. Well, so I went for the endo very early in the morning and it really was a breeze! Woke up feeling perfectly fine! Not even a sore throat! Only thing doctor found was non-erosive gastritis and now waiting for the biopsy results. He said if I have had the gastritis for a loooong period of time (years) this would explain the eroding teeth and my symptoms. Thoughts?! And thanks for everyone who offered their words of encouragement!!!! It meant a lot and it helped tons!
  13. Yay for you having your procedure already done and over with!!! I am so happy you are already getting the answers you needed. Thank you so much for posting about it! Hopefully starting your gluten-free diet will make you feel better! Will post about my procedure when I am able to do so as it might help others just like you helped me!
  14. Thank you so much for your kind responses! I think I am psychologically prepared for this. Hopefully I don't freak out tomorrow! Now physically speaking, I am not doing that good since this las week I upped my gluten intake and my knees are killing me. Plus my fluffy stools (sorry, TMI) are way less solid than they used to be! Like other people on this forum have said, it is not that I want to be celiac - I just want answers and to find out why my son and I have similar symptoms. Next step after my endo is having him tested, for sure!
  15. Thanks! Surely this rash is not gluten related. Since there are so many crazy symptoms associated with GS/Celiac I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask!