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  1. Hi, our family has just done the elimination diet which is how we discovered my daughter is celiac (not tested). It is pretty full on and involved eliminating all reactive foods (doesn't leave much) and after symptoms go away then reintroduce each food group to see if there's a reaction. Also reactions can be delayed so it's not always clear what is causing the symptoms. Good luck, Ann
  2. Hi, I agree with doing the elimination diet. We just did it in our family and I discovered my daughter was gluten intolerant or celiac (unfortunately not really thinking gluten was the problem I didn't get her tested first so take heed in that advice also). Bananas contain high amounts of amines along with chocolate and many more foods. Sure sounds like amines. But reactions can be delayed by up to a day or 2 which is why the diet is so helpful. http://fedup.com.au/ has some great information about getting started on an elimination diet. Good luck.