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  1. Hi guys, i am 52. I had 3 months of huge stomach pain before being diagnosed with celiac. I just changed my way of training and feel so much better i stopped all supplements, creatine and over the counter, i control all my food, mainly salads, lentils ( for proteins ), chicken and fish. I changed also my exercise a bit like Mike Chang says : few rest, not so long, push ups and so on... I am so happy and really wil never ever go back to my previous life. Many people complain because they can not eat that or that, they forget that many sport men now go gluten free for the sake of exercise itself....I lost 7 kgs, i see my abs, i feel lighter and i dont care when people drink a beer or have cake. I dont envy them. I am happy of my new life. Hope you can get also te same results, just what u need is .. a iron will and good mood.