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  1. I have looked into this alot myself. I found that in my local healthfood/natural food store, they sell refrigerated probiotics. They are a bitmore expensive but are much more potent. After a probiotic becomes room temperature, they loose their potency. Also, there is something called Kefir. It reminds me of a yogurt drink, but is packed full of probiotics. I believe it has the highest amount of probiotics that you can find in a product. And it's really good! I have problems with lactose and some of it is also lactose free.
  2. Hi Mommyof4, I have been gluten-free for four years and diagnosed by biopsy. I am very strict with my gluten-free diet, but will sometimes take the chance of eating out. I always reiterate the gluten-free thing and try to make sure they know the importance of it. (my 12 year old sone also has Celiac). Last Sat. evening, we ate chinese, which is usually ok and got glutenated. My reaction seems to get worse every time. It takes about 2-3 hours and I start to feel nausous and then the vomitting begins. I vomit until my stomach seems to be empty, while suffering from hot and cold sweats. Then the severe cramping sets in and then the diarrhea begins. It is so aweful! The entire next day, I experienced a sour stomach and weakness. It just sucks the life out of us. My son was in the bathroom with me at the same time experiencing the same thing. Poor kid. I think I may just have to sadly stop eating out!