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  1. Thanks for the responses. Do you think that foods must specifically mention that they are gluten free for it to be in the market? There are some products that are gluten free but they are not advertised as such on the actual food item. You have to go online or email/call them to get an answer. Would these be included?
  2. Hey fellow Celiacs, For my economics class I am doing a paper on the rise in demand in gluten free foods. There are multiple websites that discuss the rise in gluten free goods. This is an example http://www.celiac.com/articles/23103/1/Gluten-free-Market-to-Top-66-Billion-by-2017/Page1.html . What foods are apart of the gluten free market though? Fruits and veggies I would guess are not but they are technically gluten free. Where does something go from being gluten free and not in the market to being gluten free and in the market? Thanks for your help. Alex