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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am 35. For most of my life, I have struggled with a low body-weight for my height. It seemed like I could not gain fat or muscle. I remember eating an entire large pizza in high school despite that I weighed only 105 lbs (I am male and 5'5"). This had no effect on my weight. My regular doctor always told my mom I just had a high metabolism. This continued until I was around 25. I started gaining a little more weight, and got up to 125. Then around 30 I went up to 140-ish. The gained weight is mostly fat around my abdomen. I still have just as much difficulty gaining muscle tissue as before. The past few months, I have been feeling very exhausted. In addition, my body is producing a lot of very bad gas. I have realized that this seems to coincide with a time when I've been eating a lot of pasta and bread. I've been getting a heavy gluten dose with almost every lunch and dinner. Prior I had been eating a lot of rice for months, both with lunch and dinner, and had very little gluten in my diet. The only reason I made the change is I was bored with my diet and wanted to do something different for a while. Although from time to time I would still eat a sandwich for lunch or order out for dinner. I had a similar incident about 7 or 8 years ago where I was exhausted for an extended period of time. I cannot remember if I had the gas with it, or what my diet consisted of at the time. Back then I had suspected lyme disease as a the culprit, and the symptoms actually went away before I got tested for that, so I went on as though nothing had happened. And I think I may have had another incident about 5 years ago, but much reduced in duration and how exhausted I felt. I thought that might have been mono, but that came back negative and also went away on its own. Again, I have no idea about diet and any changes to it. I should mention that around the start of this current episode of exhaustion, I came down with shingles. I went to the doctor to confirm that and it went away in about 2 weeks.