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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My 13 month old son has had belly issues since birth. He was on hypoallergenic formula (allimentum) and did fine until solids intorduced. He was cranky and spent may sleep deprived night with restless ness and belly cramping. I have kept him pretty much gluten free but I am not keeping a gluten free house. I finally got the ped to agree to refer to gastro after trials of wheat and so on.... Well after one horrible night after wheat cereal (he was much improved the next day) I feel that is enough. We see the ped in may and then will be referred to a gastro. After all the horror stories how can I be sure that the gastro will take us seriously? My son in not small and not underweight. ( 50% height and 50 to 75 % for weight.) My husband is very anti- celiac or non gluten sensitivity so I do want some one else to say Hey its true! Also how long must a person be "glutened" for testing? what should I ask for testing wise and so on? He is also somwhat lactose intolerant and definately soy intolerant. My 9 year old daughter is allergic to soy milk(night in er) Should I wait to test untill he is older and keep him gluten free untill then? I hate to make him suffer for a test that may or may not be accurate. Thanks, Becky
  2. WE will see his pediatrician on tiesday and I will talk to her... she was very understanding as an infant he was not tolerant of most formula(or breast milk) but i never thought it might be gluten that was bothering his tummy. Yesterday my MIL gave him a ritz cracker and her was awake a good portion of the night ( not really crying just complaining) my husband still doesn't think its a link to gluten. He is not small and is chunky too so he says see he is ok. But i am trusting my instincts on this. My daughter has had headaches and slpit second vision blackouts for almost a year with no diagnoses or answers just test all come back normal I will ask about her too.
  3. I believe my nine month old may be sensitive to gluten. When he has limited amounts like oatmeal he seems ok but when he has more like cheerios he is grumpy and does not sleep well. he is also a clingy baby. He has moments when he is happy and plays but others when he is miserable and nothing makes him happy. My husband does not agree that is can be gluten causing this,but I also have eczema and headaches and my daughter had mysterious leg pain as a small child, asthma and now some headaches and visual disturbance. Does anyone have advice on convincing a spouse to go gluten free? and feeding a growing baby?