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  1. Supraclavicular Node?

    Hi there Just wondered if you found anything out about that lymph node... Is it still there? I have one too... I'd love to know what happened to yours and what docs said if you went?? All the best Kimmy
  2. Lymphoma

    Hi all Its been a while since I have been on here... I'm just wondering what the risks are with Lymphoma being Celiac... I have had a supraclavicular node swollen for about 8months now, doctors are being rather useless as usual... And all have dismissed my linking celiac to lymphoma... I have been online to see what the risks truly are, but it's really hard to differentiate between risks for those that have 'healed' and those that haven't... Does any one have any clear info or any advice... Many thanks Kimmy
  3. Hi Kaile Only just seen this, sorry... Its been a stressful few months. How many and how big are your nodes? Are they still there? The supraclavicular ones are the 'worrisome' nodes unfortunately... This is what I have. I am still under testing and watch and wait... All the best Kimmy
  4. PS. I picked one... "He who fears he shall suffer, already suffers what he fears" Massive thanks and hugs
  5. Bartfull, thanks so much...Yes, I need some Ostrich! I must be like your mum! Although I am generally pretty laid back, except when it comes to a fear of dying... Which has intensified since I had my little boy. Thank you for the link, I will look tonight :-) And I will keep one to carry with me. Thank you so much (weep)... I am so glad you got corn and soy AND BLUEBERRIES back in!! And sorry you are not too great... Are you feeling better? Massive ((((hugs)))) back to you
  6. Thankyou RMJ... Thats reasuring a little.... I do hope mine is the same....It is sinister because of my age and because of its location, as you are not supposed to be able to palpate these nodes freely. :-( I know it wasn't there before... Its 1cm ish and hard. Hard apparently isn't good either. Ugh! Thanks for replying, everyones support means a lot, fingers crossed Hugs
  7. Thanks Iceland girl Everyone on here is so lovely, and of course right with advice. I just want to rule out the sinister reasons for this lump in my collar bone, and it all points to malignancy... Apparently 90 percent of those over 40 with enlarged nodes in collar bone are malignant. It really has petrified me. I feel well apart from hiatus hernia symptoms which I now wonder if are something more sinister. Anyway, mustn't dwell hey? Ugh! Thank you so much for replying, you are all such lovely people :-) I will stay off Dr Googe today and spend time with my gorgeous boy... Hugs to you
  8. Hi Nvsmom, how you doing?! Oh it's so lovely to talk to guys again (ladies!)... Thanks for replying. Yeah, I guess I have such awful rouble previously with doctors that I search Dr Google to eliminate any sinister possibilities myself, and actually end up going down the dark alleys. Funnily enough, I quit sugar 3 weeks ago! Before any of this. I doubt I could get ketogenic (I'd love to) but I'm vegetarian also (cannot have nuts due to sons anaphylaxis) and I'm lactose intolerant. I have the odd green juice, and my diet is quite clean (lots of salad and veg, eggs, avocados, fruit, matcha green tea, occasional fish)... But you are right, I am glad I quit the sugar as I did have chocolate and sweeties before. Its been a ride these 3 years, always something being checked out, major amounts of stress sometimes. I just want to be healthy and happy! And get on with my life! Its hard Nvs, as all I think about is my son, we are very close... Thank you so much again, hugs to you, I hope you are doing great :-)
  9. Bartfull! I remember you from a few years ago! How are you doing? Are you eating maize yet?? Thanks for replying. Send me some ostrich syndrome pleeeeeeaaaaaase. I'm having a real bad one here. I hope you are right about the 99.9999 percent... I have had SO much bad luck since my celiac diagnosis, the latest a diagnosis of a brain fistula bought on by dehydration of undiagnosed celiac! And now this.... There is only so much someone can take in less than 3 years! I guess what I wanted to know is if anyone knew about Troisiers node/Vichows node and if that meant it was stomach cancer with mets... I mean could I have stomach cancer with mets without losing weight? It's ok, I am not expecting you to answer, I am just airing!! Thanks for replying, send me some courage! Hope you are well, and still enjoying your shop :-)
  10. Thank you for replying! I am sorry you are going through tough times too. Thanks for being so positive, I know I need to try and get on and try to ignore... Being medically minded I am looking for answers on Dr Google... to my detriment. As much as I don't want to die, for myself I want to live! But it is more for my little boy, we are so very close, and I don't know what would happen to him. Thinking about about it makes me want to vomit! And cry! Tomorrow hopefully I will drag myself up a notch! For his sake. And I will continue with my healthy lifestyle, you are right there is nothing I can do!! Many thank you's, hugs
  11. Thanks Colleen. Thats a fair response I guess! I can't help myself on Doctor Google... I am quite medically minded (possibly to my detriment)... It's so upsetting as I have tried so hard to stay healthy, I hardly eat any processed food, exercise as much as I can... I'm gutted at the moment... All I can think of is my little boy :-( Thanks for responding
  12. Hi everyone Its been a while since I have been on here... I have been slowly recovering from my diagnosis of celiac disease... And have had ups and downs, various problems... All of which are sorted or being sorted! However a few days ago, I accidentally discovered a lump on my clavicle. Thinking this was strange and wondering whether it was a swollen lymph node, I began searching online. I also made a docs appt. Having researched it, I am absolutely petrified. Please PLEASE if anyone can help, I'd appreciate it so much. My searches indicate that it could possibly be a Trosiers Sign, which apparently is indicative of stomach cancer/ or gastric. The lump is in exactly the correct the place. It isn't soft (as apparently a healthy gland would be), it is hard. It is not completely fixed as I seen to be able to move it about. I am also currently experiencing heartburn, discomfort in oesophagus area (fullness), and cannot eat much. I thought this was due to a hiatus hernia that I was told I had at my celiac diagnosis 3 years ago. I have had these same symptoms before about 6 months ago. Currently had them for .a couple of weeks So these 'hiatus hernia' symptoms along with this supraclavicular lump could indicate cancer?? Could it be early stage? I have seen my doc, he is referring me... He said he couldn't speculate at this point, which has also made me edgy. So I have found what they call virchows node and trousers sign... My 'lump' is in the exact correct location. I can't say just how scared I am. I am stricly gluten free... My recent FBC is fine (am no longer anaemic), white cells look ok, SED rate 6. If anyone has any reassurance or info or experience one way or the other... I can't function for worry at the moment... Many thanks to anyone that can help
  13. Post Diagnosis Healing

    I juice my raw veggies, and have smoothies sometimes . Struggled with salads for ages after dx. I also am dairy, corn, caffeine intolerant! Had lots of other intolerances too that slowly disappeared. Sugar used to bother me but I eat dark choc now. And loads of bananas!... If you know you made a few mistakes in the first couple of months then just discount them from healing time! It took me 9-12 months to feel any real difference. And now I can't stop putting on weight it's a real problem.. Seriously! I needed to gain weight also! Keep with it, continue to eat clean! You'll be ok, I promise! It seems like a long road, but you'll feel better soon! Try juicing, your body will LOVE you for it!
  14. I beg to differ with saying that vitamins are a scam. It's unfortunate that our lands are over farmed and that our foods contain at least 35% nutrition than 50 years ago. Add into that GM and Monsantos chemicals, and modern society's predisposition to eat highly processed food, you will find most diets highly deficient. I would also suggest you research the FDA and perhaps not place quite so much faith in an organisation that recently passed a new law exempting pharmaceutical companies any responsibility should their FDA approved 'medicines' cause injury or death. Going back to vitamins and minerals, yes, adding to the fact that our diets mostly don't meet our requirements and that we are indeed celiac, I think we should be vigilant about our vit stats. Also, if considering taking vitamins, looking at colloidal form as opposed to 'tablets' or 'capsules' as colloidal passes straight through to the liver, ready to be utilised by the body. I have taken Neways colloidal minerals, the improvement in my nails/skin in 3 weeks was great. There's proof in my pudding!
  15. Vaccinations?

    Gemini, I've been wanting to ask for 'your' celiac story for ages! You seem so well informed, and healthy now. I hope you don't mind me asking, but how did you get diagnosed, and what foods do you eat now? Do you have any intolerances or did you have any problems post dx? Hope you don't mind me asking