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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have lived all over the Asia and the Far East for the past 35 years and been in Thailand for most of the last 17 years. After a lifetime of migrains I had allergy tests about 15 years ago and I stopped eating food with gluten, wheats, oats etc., dark vegtables such as spinage and all dairy products (except condensed milk) and any meat from cows. I was also told I had an alergy to histamines. Basically I lived on Rice and bannanas for about 10 years (plus other fruit and veg. and some pork and fish, but not citrus fruits). This made a big difference and my migrains were reduced. Things began to improve as I got older and now I have more tolerance for basic bread , biscuits, etc. Anyway the point of this blog is that: although I have eaten many different types of rice (Thai hom mali [sweet smelling] is by far the best) without any problems. BUT I always have a REALLY BAD reaction to sticky rice. I find that I litrally cannot breath and get terrible pains in my head and stomach and very dizzzy. It is quite scary and I never eat it at all now, although I do try a nibble know and then just to see if things are the same. I don't think it can be due to the processing as i have tried it in many different parts of Thailand over the 17 year period and it is always the same reaction. I would be very interested to know what causes this reaction.