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  1. Re: low iron/anemia and celiac My daughter was diagnosed with celiac in February 2012 after a biopsy. Much earlier she had been found to have low iron and we corrected that with twice-daily spoonfuls of Palafer, a liquid iron supplment. We didn't figure out she was celiac for a while but her iron levels were okay at the time of diagnosis. Since then I've worked hard to go gluten-free -- the few times we knew she'd had an "oops" moment and ingested something with gluten, she would get a stomach ache about 2 hours afterwards. It was a specific type of pain that came in waves and although pepto-bismol helped with the pain, I knew that damage was occuring. Still, she has had only three of those incidents since February. However for the past couple of months, she has been pale and last week, she was cold to the touch even soon after a hot shower. She's had a blood test getting ready for her check-up but in the meantime, I've put her back on iron supplments and I feel discouraged. What I don't understand is this: can an otherwise "healthy (i.e.gluten-free) celiac still become anemic or get low iron? Is it just the state of being celiac OR does the low iron suggest that she is somehow still ingesting gluten but not getting the tell-tale stomach pains? I can treat the low iron but I'm really concerned about how to pinpoint how and when she might be getting gluten. Does anyone know if low iron is very common in celiac patients? I've now started her on Iberogast to help improve her digestion overall but I am really worried about how the low iron came about and what I can do to help her. Thanks!