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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Constant "ribcage" Pain

    I used to get severe pain and didn't know where it was coming from but that was before i was detoxed and gluten-free. Have you been through a detox dietary program? I know that when I eat a "safe" gluten-free that ends up not being gluten-free I get severe pain and it starts in the abdomen rib cage area and moves up into shooting pain in my left shoulder. I've been in the ER two separate times and they are CLUELESS!
  2. Gastroenterology Psychiatrist?

    Well, my symptoms got better after I detoxed but now they are getting worse and it seems like everything I eat has a negative effect. i am meeting with a specialist and having a colonoscopy this week as i have been having severe pain around my colon and other problems (sparing you the details). I would love to see things get back under control. Some days it is hard to keep pushing myself through my responsibilities. But I am going to keep fighting and hope for some help!
  3. Not Sure I Can Do Much More Of This...:(

    I completely understand and that is one of the main reasons I didn't go home for Thanksgiving because although family really tries to understand they can't and aren't educated about Celiac so it makes it really hard. Each day is a new chance to fight again and try to make positive changes and headway. There are ok days and there are really bad days so I'm always thankful for the night to get up and push through and fight another new day through. Thanks for sharing what we are all feeling and face each and every day with friends and family and co-workers who really are trying but it's hard. Remember that gluten-free items aren't going to take the place of our favorites but when you realize that doing without is not a better option it does grow on you and you can manage. I have been trying different gluten free pastas and haven't really found one that I love however the rice noodles are the best I have found yet. Rice Chex have been a life saver for the crunch and the breakfast option with rice milk, which again isn't great, but better than doing without. I'm thinking of finding a nutritionist that can help put me on a better food journey than I've been on for almost a year now. I'm thankful to find your post and this great support group.
  4. Not Sure I Can Do Much More Of This...:(

    WOW! Not only am I thankful to hear from you and welcoming me here, but to hear you share your faith without shame. How refreshing...I couldn't agree more about the hope we have through Christ even when it doesn't seem worth fighting anymore. HE makes it possible. One of my favorite verses is, Psalm 18:32 It is God that girdeth me with strength and maketh my way perfect. Very appropriate based on what you posted. Thanks. There also a song, "Because He Lives I can face tomorrow" your post reminded me of that song. Thankful!!!!
  5. Gastroenterology Psychiatrist?

    Yes, well my Gastroenterologists recommended this doctor because she was a Gastroenterologists and then went back to school to become a Gastro Psychiatrist because she is so convinced of the connection of brain and gut and knowing that it doesn't mean it's all "in your head". She truly understands it's NOT and that's why I'm praying that she can help me steer me in a better direction. I was unofficially diagnosed a year ago, but even though my blood tests just recently came back normal it is so evident that I am a celiac. I've been gluten free for almost a year now and just can't seem to get a step forward! I will keep you posted on how it goes and whether it will be beneficial to look into for other celiacs. Thanks for your {{hugs}} - they are much appreciated right now as I need other celiacs to help me get through this really hard place right now. It's amazing to me that doctor's don't know what to do with celiac. I know Jennifer Esposito (Jennifer's Way.org) has a specialist doctor that she sees regularly in NY for her treatment for Sever Celiac. There have got to be more Celiac specialist out there and we just need to find them. I also considering a Nutritionist to help me with my eating because I'm allergic to so much and lately everything I eat makes me feel badly. Here's hoping for relief for us both!!!
  6. Gastroenterology Psychiatrist?

    Preparing for a doctor's appointment with a Gastro Psychiatrist this coming week. I am a celiac but doctor's are convinced that there is more going on. Had a time when I quit work and wasn't very active where I started feeing a little better. So started back to work and added more jobs and other responsibilities and have progressively been getting worse. Can anyone shed some light on their experience with the Psychological connection to Celiac and if anyone has visited with this type of doctor and what your results were? Were you placed on a type of mood enhancer or psychological med that has helped you? Your input is greatly appreciated as I seem to be digressing in many ways and could really use some support from other Celiacs. Thanks.