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  1. I use Crest Pro-Health toothpaste. I'm not sure if the amount in toothpaste is worth worrying about, but since I know I'm sensitive to sorbitol, I try to avoid it in everything. I had wondered about the Gas-X for some time before finding out what the problem was. Also watch for malitol. It gives me the same problems.
  2. I have found that I can't tolerate sorbitol. This is an ingredient in Gas-X along with being in toothpastes and foods. It's a sweetener. If you are sensitive to it, you will most likely also be sensitive to any of the other sweeteners that end with "tol". I discovered this when I ate Nathan's hot dogs which are gluten free, but they also contain sorbitol. I was sick for 2 days after eating them. For gas relief I take Phazyme which contains simethicone. Hopefully this will help you.