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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I Am Still Fat!

    Hi, I eat a clean diet similar to what you described. I am also slow to lose weight but it is coming down bit by bit. I know that some people who have damage from celiac never really retained nutrients prior to going gluten-free and as a result could lose weight or be very thin no matter what was being eaten. I've never been that person. That said, today I decided to (try) to stop paying attention to the scale and just track my body measurements. How do your clothes fit? I ask just because, though my weight hasn't really decreased, since starting to eat a very clean diet my weight has gone down very little but my waist size (and other body measurements) have decreased much more dramatically. I'm wondering if you have a similar situation? I figure that if I feel good and am getting smaller I'm not going to pay so much attention to the numbers. Hope you are doing well and now seeing some weight loss!
  2. Hey Josh, I don't have quite the same situation as you do but I have found that when I take off and land more than once in a day (and it is worse on the way back for some reason) I end up feeling very bloated and uncomfortable for a couple of days and then it has to "work itself out". The best answer I have come up with is actually taking some dramamine or something similar. I never thought that I was dealing with motion sickness but I think it must be something like that. It does seem to make a difference for me. Even with that I will admit that very long flights make my body pretty angry and this is why I should own stock in Pepto... Hope this helps!!
  3. Hi, I can't say that I have had the problems you have with glutenous rice. When I went to China I was very suspect of it (as it was in many things that I ate) and I felt better than I do at home. That said, I do know of people who have Celiac and also develop an issue with rice in general. Do you have any reaction to other rice products? Unfortunately we are all our own little test subjects and what works for one of us could be awful for someone else. I have some weird ingredient out there that isn't gluten but gives me a bad reaction but I'm still trying to chase it down and I just can't figure out what it is...maybe cumin...but then, I've tried to test it and it seems ok. It is sometimes a little frustrating. Anyway, I don't know that this actually helps you but I can say that I know people with BIG issues with rice that cause vomiting and migraines and all kinds of yucky horrible things...it just isn't a gluten thing for them it is a separate problem (and I'm sure an annoying one). Good luck and hope you are feeling better!
  4. Hi Hashisgirl, I never realized how much gluten took out of me until I finally eliminated it completely. I've been gluten-free for almost 2 years now and the rewards FAR outweigh the difficulties. The reward for being really diligent has been finding that I don't have to WORK to enjoy an entire day of doing things. I used to find that the things that were supposed to be "fun" like going out dancing or decorating the house or just going out with friends felt like a burden because I just wanted to lie down. I still have my couch days but now they are more recreational. I had no idea that the gluten could be the cause. I assumed that taking the gluten out would just make my stomach feel better and that my energy level was just who I was. Anyway...the weight...so much fun. Well I feel a little like a crazy convert but if you don't like meat and want to stay gluten free I think you HAVE to read Dr. Fuhrman's book "Eat for Health". He gives lots of very healthy suggestions on ways to eat that will have you losing weight and at your optimal health as well as feeling energetic. I have been incorporating more and more of his suggestions into my life and in the last couple of weeks lost 6 pounds even though I sort of let it slide over Thanksgiving dinner and am not extremely strict about getting rid of added oils. He encourages a very plant based diet (LOTS of fruits and veg) with beans, seeds, nuts and some grains. If you eat this way you won't have to think about carbs to find a healthy weight. When I go out (since I think it would be very difficult to order something vegan, gluten free and without oil I do eat meat or fish with some veg but at home I try to stay closer to vegan). I thought it was extreme at first but I don't really do well eating so much meat on low carb diets and as I am back in school I haven't been finding enough time to do as much exercise as necessary. I had gained 6 pounds in a couple of weeks and could see I was on my way to not fitting into my clothes. Fuhrman's thoughts on food have really made my life easier and I can still sit down in my clothes which is a win! Plus I find that I feel better overall. His diet tends to reduce inflammation. I don't know if you have inflammation problems but this is a real added bonus for me. Dr. Fuhrman does encourage exercise but I can tell you that if you want to put all of your energy into figuring out the food for a couple of weeks you will be much more energized to begin working out after eating this way. His website is http://www.drfuhrman.com/ but I think reading one of his books first is the best step to really understand what he thinks (or at least watch one of his TV spots you can find many on youtube) Let me know if you try it and if it helps you!! Good luck! Things do get better with time!!!!!
  5. It's Hard To Lose Weight With No Energy!

    Hi, What kinds of things do you eat at work? If you think that you have rabbit starvation my guess is that you aren't eating many high nutrient foods. That makes me nervous for you. I'm not sure if rabbit starvation is possible but the likelihood that you are not getting the nutrition that your body really needs seems likely. The thing is, gluten free food is expensive if you buy pre-made gluten-free food (and a lot of meat). BUT per serving fresh foods and healthy foods don't have to be expensive. I know that when you don't feel energetic making food just seems like too much of a hassle. That said, I know for myself that the more food I eat outside of my house the more likely I am to get glutened and even if I'm not, the more likely I am to eat junk and feel slow. I would suggest thinking of the cost of food on a per serving basis. Fruits and veg, beans, rice, seeds, and nuts are really not as expensive as you think when you look at how much it costs per serving and these servings are going to bring you way more energy and make you feel more satisfied than any processed food. Animal proteins can be very expensive but vegetable sources like beans, lentils, nuts, seeds are relatively cheap. I always have some nuts and cut veg/hummus, apples and peanut butter with me and try to bring food with me to work as much as possible. Think of the cost of a banana (maybe $.79 if you are buying fancy organic ones maybe as low as $.29 if they are cheap. I know that the food at work might be free/super cheap but I would start thinking a little creatively with what you can make at home and bring at least to supplement. Just make sure that whatever you buy you prioritize to eat. The real waste/expense happens when food goes bad in the fridge. As to the weight problems, I have struggled FOREVER with my weight. You don't need to eat only protein to bring it under control. Eating much less processed food has allowed my weight to go down and allows me the energy to exercise and feel good. Protein on its own is not the ultimate answer in good health and weight loss you need some nutrients to stay strong!! It might be overboard for you at the moment but if you have time I would read Dr. Fuhrman's "Eat for Health". It was a revelation for me. It might be more than you can commit to right now but it may give you a new perspective on health and weight and the value of feeding yourself quality foods. Hope this helps! Sorry it isn't an easier answer!!!!
  6. Constant "ribcage" Pain

    Hi Solarpower, I can't say I had the same kind of pain that you have (it sounds really awful) but I did suffer for quite some time with a nagging stabbing pain in my ribcage. I actually kept becoming paranoid that I was having some kind of heart problem because I would get so short of breath and tightness/pain in my chest. I went back to my doctor several times and she kept telling me that I had swelling between my ribs and to just take a pain reliever. This never worked for me. I finally changed doctors (way over due) and my new doctor suggested that I try prilosec for a couple of weeks in case the pain was from acid reflux. Within a couple of days I felt completely better! Of course it has now taken me many months of gradually removing artificial sweeteners and as many chemicals as possible and eliminating dairy (as well as adding many more fruits, veggies, beans, and nuts to my diet) before I finally find myself without needing the medication to control the reflux. That said, now that it is no longer a problem all of those changes are SO worth it. If you haven't tried it already I would recommend trying out an acid reducer to see if this is the root of your problem. If it does nothing then you have ruled it out. If this is the issue it will be so worth the try to fix it as acid reflux can cause many long term health problems that are quite nasty. I was quite surprised that this pain was acid reflux but I have been told that the sensation can be very much this way and doesn't always feel the way you would expect. Good luck! I hope you can figure it out soon so you won't be in so much pain!
  7. Getting Worse

    Hi, I hope you are feeling better! I don't think it should continue to get worse but when I'm glutened I do think it damages everything and i lose the good gut bacteria. I would try a good probiotic. I know some people think they are balogna but I have found a lot of success with them. Ive used phillipscolon health but I believe there are some more effective ones that are live. Just make sure the one you are buying is gluten-free and if you have trouble with dairy double check that as well. Whole foods usually has a large selection. I also use ginger water to get things leveled out again (just peel fresh ginger, cut it up and toss in hot or cold water) this has always helped but I don't know if it will change anything about your frequency to the bathroom. Hope this helps!!!!!
  8. Hashimotos, Celiac And Now Muscle Pain!

    About a month ago I started the Eat to Live plan that Dr Fuhrman suggests. (eating a predominantly vegan diet rich in the highest nutrient per calorie foods) which means aiming for up to a pound of cooked and a pound of uncooked veggies. At least one serving of beans and nuts and seeds/day and at least 3 fruits. I haven't been super strict with it but the more Ido the more I want to do. It has helped me feel better than ever. I went gluten-free almost 2 years ago. Eliminating gluten helped but I still had a lot of random stomach issues. I eventually removed artificial sweeteners and as many chemicals as possible. Again this helped but I still had some joint swelling (although not serious yet). So far I feel absolutely the best on this diet. Dr fuhrman does not say he can "cure" autoimmune issues but has had some patients with autoimmune issues like lupus and rhuematoid arthritis find a lot of relief and sometimes disappearance of their diseases. If you are interested I suggest his "eat for health" book. I have finally been able to stop taking probiotics and heartburn meds while eating this way. If you do decide to follow his advice be sure to read his book as I think not having his detailed descriptions can lead to a person eating less than optimally and feeling more sick. (I wasn't eating enough beans nuts and seeds when I first started and it just wasn't right). This also has the added benefit of helping to maintain a healthy weight or reach it. So far my joints are less swollen my stomach is a nonissue (finally) and I feel energetic and not hungry. Let me know if you try it and how it goes!