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  1. Thank you mushroom. I am definitely reading a lot about going gluten free and getting set-up to give it a try.
  2. Hello, I went for a consult for my fist colonoscopy. The GI doctor noticed I had marked Hashimotos Thryroiditis on my health questionnaire. He suggested I test for Celiac since often Hashimotos and Celiac go "hand in hand." Test results are back: TT Ab IgA normal 1.2 (<4) TT Ab IgG positive 18 (>9 positive) Gliadin IgA normal 3.1 ( < 20) Gliadin IgG normal 3.1 (< 20) IgA 132 normal (71-397) The only positive is the TT Ab IgG. He is recommending a biopsy to confirm the results. I'm thinking I should go ahead and do it, if nothing else then to spare my close relatives and kids the need to be tested for Celiac. Could the Hashimotos throw off the results? Do these results look typical of Celiac? Any help or advice would be appreciated. (I do not have obvious GI problems so this has been a surprise....) Thanks!