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  1. i was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2008. But ive suffered from it since i was a little girl.Growin up i could never understand why i would get so depressed at the drop of a dime. Even as im typing this, im having an episode of depression but when i was diagnosed i was never informed that Celiac could effect me neurologically, i was just told about the stomach pain. Reading these forums have help me realize that i need to truly stick to a gluten free diet. im newly engaged to a wonderful man who is currently in Afghanistan. He doesnt know how severe my depression and mood swings are but he has gotten a taste of my anxiety but i dont want to start a new life with him feeling the way that ive felt my whole life. sometimes i really think that its getting worse as the years go on. im not sure i even know where to start with changing my diet around but somethings gotta happen.