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  1. I've had celiac for about 4 years now and I've been following a strict gluten free diet, but whenever I go out drinking or something like that the next day i usually plan to stay home because i get stomach aches and stuff. Now I'm about to go Sydney (Australia) for a festival and I'm planning on having a bender and I'm wondering how I should deal with my stomach aches. Sometimes i'd drink alcohol and get a real bad stomach ache where i can't be too far from the toilet and other times i drink and i don't even get a stomach ache at all. I normally drink henessy and jim beam spirits. What do you guys think i should drink? Is there any sort of medication that can stop these stomach aches? And i was also wondering about spirits, gluten free beers and ciders? What can and can't I drink?
  2. last time i had a blood test the doctor said the antibodies have gone down so much that he didnt need to schedule another blood test with me. Ive been checked for fructose intolerance, dairy intolerance but results come back saying i'm not either.
  3. Alcohol Symptoms?

    What i meant to say instead of 3 months was 3 years, sorry about that confusion. I've had celiac for 3 years since i was 15.. i'm now 18 but i get constant diarrhea over everything i swear. I feel like my stomachs a moody little whining 12 year old girl, because sometimes i wake up and its diarrhea day and i know i'm not going anywhere.
  4. I've had celiac for about 3 years and i have a constant unsettled stomach. When i wasnt diagnosed i was eating gluten obviously because i had no idea, i was 15 at the time but then i got diagnosed and stopped completely. For the first two weeks my stomach was really normal you know? like no stomach aches no random trips to the toilet and no i wasnt eating anything different i was eating everything gluten free nothing out of the ordinary and nothing in specific. After that two weeks my stomach just went down hill like i wasnt eating gluten anymore but i was. Now everyone tells me it takes awhile for your stomach to heal, but im a 18 year old kid and i have to plan my life on how my stomach is feeling. I could eat the same food one night and have a good stomach the next but then eat the same thing then be grounded because i'll have stomach aches and have to constantly go toilet. To put it simply sometimes i get diarrhea for no reason at all. Everyone says maybe i'm sensitive to other foods and should keep a diary but i eat the same food and feel good then the next day if i eat the same food ill get diarrhea or something or an unsettled, uneasy stomach. Sorry for the lengthy post, but please this is ruining my life. I dont care if i have to occasionally watch my friends eat at restaurants while drooling but when i get celiac i was under the impression that when you eat gluten free you will have regular stool and normal bowel movements..... and notice when your about to need to go toilet. This is kind of ruining my life, no doctors can help and yes i've been to dietitians. I would really much appreciate a reply because i don't know what to do. BTW: IBS medicines don't work, i have tried celiac enzymes, no improvement.
  5. Alcohol Symptoms?

    So i've been celiac for about 3 months and have been following a strict gluten free diet, but whenever i drink alcohol in particular spirits i get stomach aches and have to go toilet quite often the next day. Can someone enlighten me on what may be the cause and why it keeps happening and also how to handle the symptoms. Its to the point where whenever i drink i have to make sure ive got nothing on the next day. Thanks
  6. Celiac And Fructose?

    ive noticed when i eat soy nothing really changes, its the same. Ive excluded soy and dairy products from my diet no change. Finding the same with fructose :S
  7. I was diagnosed with celiac roughly 2 years and a half ago. Ive been on a gluten free diet ever since, recently ive been noticing that my stomach aches have been beyond what they used to be also i would get really bad stomach aches and really watery stool. Its very painful, and extremely unpredictable, It makes it hard to go to school. Getting to the point i was wondering if it is possible that i have fructose aswell? I eliminated dairy in case i am lactose intolerant, still no improvment.
  8. Around about now ive had cealiac for about two years, and its been generally pretty bad. Ive stuck to a gluten free diet for abou the whole two years and ive noticed not much of a change in my stomach pattens. I was diagnosed after i got cealiac a few months later. I drank some mass gainer protein then i got it. I've eliminated all the gluten out of my diet but i still get these stomach aches, it never gets much better.
  9. What are probiotics? i just looked them up on wikipedia and it seems pretty complicated, mind to dumb it down?
  10. Hello, i just signed up to this site, just found out about it, seems pretty helpful. I've got a little issue.. i was diagnosed with celiac last year around June and i used to get the worst stomach aches ever, no one could possibly imagine, i went on to a gluten free diet and started feeling better bit by bit. The doctor said i should feel completely better by around September and have no issues with stomach aches etc. Its been a year since this so called September actually a year and Two months. I cant find the problem i never eat out because i'm really paranoid about eating gluten but to this very day i found going to the toilet to be a very irregular gamble its really difficult to go out and enjoy myself because i do get these random stomach aches, that hurt so much. My stomach aches seem to get better then worse then slightly better then worse again, Just wanted to know what you guys thought the problem is and why? Opinions, thanks.