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  1. Ok. My brother was diagnosed with bloodwork and had absolutely no symptoms but bloat which he attributed to normal occurances. I however have many problems all that lead up to celiac and have not been diagnosed by a biopsy (although I have had many) I did not have health insurance at my worst feeling point ( pregnant belly, muscle cramps, left side gnaw pain, horribly achey ankles,off balance, fatigued, couldn't focus or concentrate among other things ...) and from "googling" it sounded like I had possible celiac. (Didnt know bro tested positive at this point) So without health insurance I had to take matters on my own hands . Went gluten-free and within a week I had a great nights sleep and I could bend over and tie my shoes without gasping for air . felt so much better over time . belly slowly went down aches And pains went away. That being said let's move to thanksgiving shall we..... Sis in law rolls eyes and bitc*es she doesn't have time to deal with cross contamination on previous occasions(not TG) because bro isn't sensitive. He is probably CC'd all the time , I go to thanksgiving and figure That preparations have been made so bro has his gluten-free turkey dinner and i'll just have what he is having. I didn't ask any questions because when I start asking everyone rolls their eyes. ... And my bro says he doesn't want to hear it and my mother has said she was sick of hearing about gluten. Great huh? Supportive family. Been gluten free for 2 years and I think mom is coming around ... She bought a bag of gluten free pretzels the other day. Because she complained I never visit. I complained she didn't have anything for me to eat. . Unfortunately I would rather be by myself that way I don't have to be an annoyance. I didn't even bother telling them I got sick on thanksgiving because I figured they wouldn't want to hear it and they would think I was exaggerating because my brother didnt suffer as I did. It's not always easy to deal with . And I think my anger and depression is prob left over glutinizing symptoms from thanksgiving . Sorry to vent on your post. But I just want you to know you are not alone. I feel your dismay. At least we have each other;)