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  1. Hi, I just joined the forum today. I was diagnosed in 2001, after years of suffering. The doctor I had refused to test me even though I have a sister that has been a celiac for 20+ years. I suffered through many barium xrays and other tests on a regular basis and was told I had irritable bowel syndrome. I fired that doctor and found one who had me tested via a trans glutenaise (spelling) test and popped a very high number. They then did the biopsy to confirm it. My liver had started into cirrhosis and I had a very low vitamin B12 count. I went on a gluten free diet and six months later I was getting back to a normal as can be life. My wife has done an immense amount of research and come up with alternatives to almost everything I used to eat. We bake all our own and I live very well. Dinning out is tricky at times but not impossible. On another note my father passed away at age 77 of liver cancer. He had constant problems with diarrhea and could not tolerate many foods. I think he was an un diagnosed celiac. How many have died due to not being tested?