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  1. what if you bring your non celiac dinner/dessert but they decide they would rather have what is being served. do you let them eat the dinner that is being served (letting the dinner you have brought go to waste, because i'm not going to refreeze then reuse an already thawed meal, thats not safe) or make them eat the gluten free dinner you brought?
  2. make sure you eliminate any possibility of cross contamination. my daughter didnt show any signs of improvement until we replaced all pots/pans, spatuals, toaster, etc in the kitchen. she was diagnosed as hypersensitie celiac though. she has been gluten free for almost 3 months and is just starting to go a whole day without complaining of her tummy hurting. but for her, that is a huge improvement!!
  3. Here is the problem I need advice on: My 7 yr old is getting very jealous of my recently diagnosed 3 yr old. Why? Because whenever we go to a birthday party of family dinner I always bring my 3 yr old, dinner and dessert. But my 7 yr old often would rather eat what I brought my 3yr old because it is better than what we are being served at the party/family gathering. So, what is fair? Do I let my 7yr old be jealous/mad (reminding her that she still gets to enjoy lots of things her younger sister doesnt, ie, hot lunch at school, dinner/dessert when at a friend's house for a sleepover, snack at the concession stand, etc) or do I bring her dinner and dessert as well?