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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Sadly, this person was run off by the "moderator" here and I could've benefitted from this person's experience. Anyone else find this to be the case on this board? Very lousy. Grade: F
  2. Thank you for your response. I received iv iron in '09 but there was more of an effort to increase my hemoglobin & iron quickly rather than diagnose the cause. Anywho, it's a good thing you replied because I just realized I bought magnesium instead of iron a few weeks ago. I should be taking this iron twice a day, not magnesium. Maybe that's why I'm so tired! I don't think I would have caught this had you not mentioned the iron. Thank you!
  3. Honey, my intestines are't completely useless and there has been improvement over time. Anyone out there ever done the IV nutritional therapy? If so, I'd love to hear from you. PM me if it's more "convenient".
  4. Hi folks, So my doctor saw a pattern in my old labs and said my body isn't absorbing nutrients and have been this way for years. In addition, I have sleep apnea and my kidneys aren't holding onto water so I'm limited on FOOD, AIR & WATER. The doctor is ordering a CPAP for me and has put me on weekly IV nutritional therapy along with increasing my iron, vitamin D (10,000 IU.) and probiotic supplements. Has anyone had IV nutritional therapy and, if so, how long did it take to start feeling better? I just had my 2nd treatment and it's wiping me out. I'm less active than before and doc says to be careful. :/ Cali
  5. I also found success with the food intolerance blood test. Mine was a different company. As soon as I eliminated those foods, my inflammation calmed and I could raise my arms above my head (literally was in too much pain previously). I still struggle with my health but quelling the constant inflammation has allowed my gut to heal.
  6. Thank you! I wish I had gone through Mayo years ago when a friend of mine recommended it. At the time, I was too ill to figure much out. Looks like the closest one is in Arizona. My doctor is waiting to be certified by Mayo and I assume that means certain testing will be available to her. I had so many doctors at one time who couldn't figure much out and all private practice. It would have been nice to go through a systematic process with a team approach as it sounds like Mayo provides. My cardiologist was going to have me wear a holter. Beating my chest 3-4 xs a day, as odd as it sounds, is raising my heart rate and BP so she wants to see how that pans out. Interestingly, my doctor sent me home with an at-home sleep test a few months ago. You just motivated me to do it! There are a few more tests she's going to run in the next week. She wants me to push over the hump (employ mind/body healthy practices). She has also referred me to a naturopath who she hopes can help me with reactivity. I received my bone density test results yesterday and must begin weight bearing exercises. It's tricky avoiding the heat and the "boom boom" gym across the street would send me to the ceiling. Weightlifting never steered me wrong (an old love affair) and so will start with some dumbbells at the house. This should motivate me towards light cardio. Last night I drank some adaptogen tea that was very relaxing and calming to the nerves. I'm going to research it more. The only thing bothering me right now is my elbow because I slept hard on it all night. You guy's support really helps.
  7. Thank you for your replies everybody. My cardiologist says I have a mild-moderate leak in my tricuspid valve that needs to be monitored. I'm full of symptoms right now and seeing my regular doctor tomorrow. Don't know if the summer heat plays in (and I'm sure stress does) but it feels like I have hot stickers rattling through my body. It's truly shaking me down. I am having difficulty turning down the internal heat and have become fearful of it. I'm rubbing my thymus, drinking cucumber water and sarsaparilla tea. I put my feet in water and am cooled. I am eating every three hours to reduce stress to my adrenals. Those hot stickers go through my heart and I'm concerned about inflammation. It feels like something I should get under control immediately. Saturday my head felt like it had fallen asleep and I was so scared from the symptoms, I was in bed all day (that was before getting my echo results). It makes me wonder if I have another AI or if I'm having adrenal issues. I have no idea. Most of all, I feel desperate to reduce the inflammation in my body because I know it's not good for the heart. I had reintroduced some intolerant foods in March and it's been downhill ever since. I am back on my safe foods only but am having symptoms with some of those now. Any suggestions for reducing inflammation would be appreciated. It feels crucial. *Edit: And no, I did not shoot up with street drugs. That previous cardiologist told me not to shoot up with street drugs and I'd be fine. No follow up. No nothing. What a jerk.
  8. That's so good to hear I can't wait for normal!
  9. I stopped eating out until getting in better control of this thing. I haven't been glutened this year *knock on wood* because, with two lucky exceptions, everything I ate, I prepared myself. It's getting easier to speak up for myself the more I've healed (and with experience). Currently, I let my husband go to battle for me once I begin stuttering but that's happening less and less as I become stronger. He is gluten intolerant and doesn't have as severe a reaction but, because of me, his reaction towards the restaurant is severe when they serve him gluten. As he goes to restaurants with friends and business associates, he educates along the way. Hopefully, he's clearing a path as he doesn't mince words Someone on here says she only goes to fine restaurants because the chains aren't always well-trained (or trained at all). Whenever someone gives me a cavalier attitude, I pass on the meal. I've eaten a little something a few hours before going out with others (with snacks in my purse for later). That way, I'm fed and, if it feels safe to eat in a restaurant, I still have room to make that decision too. I've also gone ahead of time to talk to the manager and can usually get a good sense from that. It's getting easier to tell who understands the seriousness and who doesn't. Use the words "severe celiac" (it elicits a more serious consideration) and there are also restaurant cards to print: http://www.celiactravel.com/cards/english/ I haven't used the card. Like I said, but for a few exceptions, I stopped eating in restaurants until my gut has had more time to heal.
  10. The cold bug got me but, kind of a blessing right now.

  11. Thank you I wish he had co-workers. That's the rub. However, the request seems to have had a positive impact on us both so far. Better for the heart? It's curious. In the meantime, a friend of mine just had a heart attack and he's not going to make it. What a crazy time this is. I feel like I'm floating through space right now. I haven't started the sleep test yet. A lady who hadn't seen me in two months told me today that I looked healthier and had more color in my face. That is encouraging. Time for bed.
  12. Yes, dumbstruck is definitely a better place. Thanks again! :-o
  13. Yes it does make sense. Thank you.
  14. I really don't know. In 2011, I began taking a liquid magnesium bicarbonate to help me sleep and that's around the time that the arrhythmia started. I was suspicious and took it into the cardiologist I was sent to at that time. He brushed it off when I asked him if it could have an impact on the heart. However, last year when I was told my heart beat was slow, I showed it to my current doctor and she said it could absolutely have an impact so I stopped taking it in the hopes that my heart rate would improve before May (that's how long I was told I could wait before seeing a cardiologist). I'll ask this new cardiologist about magnesium next time I see her.