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  1. I have been gluten free for 9 weeks or so. just found that 2 of my meds had gluten in it a week ago and changed that. can that really mess things up? my biggest complaint is fatigue, anxiety and mouth sores, my mouth sores are really bad right now. how can that be be? I have been very careful with cross cont. I do still eat out and am very careful. I do still have bread in the house as my husband is not gluten free. what next should I try to take out of my diet. my stomach feels great, just the anxiety, fatigue and mouth sores?
  2. I saw that you had quite a few posts, I have never really done forums so this is all new to me and not really sure how it all works? would love to be able to email someone directly and just ask some questions? is that a possibility?
  3. hello, this is my first post. have been gluten free for almost 2 months. I tried this because of extreme fatigue, gas, anxiety and mouth sores. I have tested negative for celiac but was already gluten free for 5 weeks when tested. I have had times felt almost normal ? I dont have to worry about the gas anymore- thank goodness, dont need to come home and immediately use the bathroom. I have been very careful about what I eat, checking everything. am starting to worry about cross contamination.., The mouth sores havent been as bad but just had an outbreak and it has me upset.... my dad was just tested for celiac and waiting for results, he has had ibs, takes 4 immodium daily and has neuropathy, he is now starting to go gluten free. I am taking my son in tomorrow to get tested as he has diarrhea regularly with fatigue and anxiety and he is willing to go gluten free? I just was really hoping these mouth sores would go away?