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  1. Oh reading this makes me feel so much better. I am new to Celiac. My allergist and doctor believe that I have it despite not being tested because I have enough symptoms. After being just shy of two weeks gluten-free, my 11 year old daughter commented that she has noticed that I don't yell at her as much as I used to and seem less distracted. I personally have noticed that my focus is better and I am less depressed, which is amazing because I am always a little sad, anxious and agitated. It is especially impressive because I own a business and it is going through the holiday slump, plus I am overwhelmed by the fact that I can't eat gluten and even more difficult I have a spice allergy and I am Mexican. Nature has a cruel-cruel sense of humor. I think the most difficult part for me is knowing that gluten has made me such a difficult person all of these years and knowing that, at times, I was so not nice to my daughter and people I love. I am excited though to have psychological balance and hopefully one day soon get off my ADHD medication. Here's to looking towards less angry days and less unintended hurt feelings. ~mg