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  1. I would like ideas on what to eat for lunch. I work three days a week and eat lunch at work. I can manage when I am at home but it's those 3 days that are a problem. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't have any gluten-free bread in the house, and judging by past experience, don't expect to buy any soon. I do like the rice crackers so that helps. Thanks in advance. elbar
  2. Thank you everyone for responding. To answer some questions, I am currently seeing an allergist and he's trying to figure out what's wrong with me. He said that even if I had celiac disease 56 years ago, it's possible to not have it show up now. He's doing loads of tests so if I hadn't had all the necessary tests previously, I have now. I have had several blood panels, two biopsies as well as the home test from York Labs. The only sympton I have besides the rash is diarrhea but I think that may be coming from lactose intolerance. I have great hopes that this allergist will find all the answers. I don't want to go on a gluten-free diet unless I have to, but if I have to, I will be OK with it. I have been gluten-free but was told to not stay on that diet since all these tests have come back negative. I'm having a lot of skin tests tomorrow but they will only show an allergy, not an intolerance so I may have to continue with the testing until I find something out.
  3. Thank you for your responses. I haven't been gluten free for 56 years but have had the rash that I believe is Dermatitis Herpetiformis for as long as I can remember. It's because I know once you are a celiac, you are always a celiac. That is the main reason I keep feeling I have the disease in spite of what all the doctors and tests say. This website is marvelous and keeps me well informed. I appreciate everyone's comments. elbar
  4. I have had just about every available test for celiac disease and they have all come out negative. However, I believe I have all the symptoms and because I had celiac disease from the age of 8 months old to eight years old, I deeply believe that I still have it. All the doctors that I have seen say they are complexed about it and that I am "Unique". My question is: Can I possibly have celiac disease without it showing on all tests? Thanks in advance for your responses. elbar
  5. I'm sorry my question wasn't as clear as it could be. The reason I started thinking about celiac disease again after all these years was that my dermatologist diagnosed DH the first time I went to her with this weird skin rash. When my history was taken, she seemed quite definite about the diagnosis. Then, I went through all these tests and even though they are all negative, she thinks I still have DH. I don't want to go on such a life-changing diet unless I absolutely have to so I'm trying to find answers from members of this board.
  6. I have had every test possible for celiac and/or DH and they have all come back negative. These include endoscopies, blood tests, biopsies, etc. I was diagnosed 58 years ago with celiac disease and, therefore, am concerned that if I can't be cured, as they once thought I was after 8 years on a special diet (they didn't know about gluten then - I just couldn't digest starches), then I still have it, regardless of these tests. I seem to have the symptoms of DH and also have bouts of diarrhea but don't know how to put all the dots together to form a correct picture. Any help would be appreciated. elbar
  7. Good Morning everyone, I have been dealing with the possible diagnosis of DH and hope someone in this forum can answer my question. I have recently had all blood work, given stool samples, had an endoscopy and colonoscopy for the diagnosis of celiac disease and they have all been negative. However, since I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at the age of 8 months and continued to have it for 8 more years, my family was then told that I had been cured. Now, 55 years later, thanks to the Internet, I know that Celiac Disease cannot be cured but I do not have any of the gastroentestinal symptoms. I have had lots of skin rashes and other related skin issues during this time. Is it possible to have DH and be negative on all the tests that I just recently had? My dermatologists believes I have it but I need to have a biopsy done when I'm just starting to get an eruption and the timing hasn't worked out. Therefore, if any of these tests can tell if it's DH and they are negative, then I'll have to start researching what other skin condition I have. Thanks in advance for all your help. I don't want to go on such a life-changing diet as a gluten-free until it's been proven in some way that I need to. Elbar
  8. Has anyone ever tried this? The information is from the Celiac.com website and sounds very promising. I have tested negative on both the endoscopy and blood test, however, have reason to believe both tests weren't correct in their response. I had Celiac Disease for the first 8 years of my life and find it hard to believe, in view of everything that I have read, that I don't have it any more. My main problem is Dermatitis Herpetiformis rather than digestive issues. Thanks in advance if anyone has tried it and resonds. elbar
  9. I need help with staying on a gluten-free diet. In August, I was advised that I had DH and had to have a gluten-free diet. I started immediately and for the first three weeks felt great. I hadn't had any intestinal problems and if it was celiac disease, it was only manifesting itself in the skin. (I was diagnosed with celiac disease 62 years ago and have been told that at 8 years old, the doctor said I had been cured - now I know that can't happen but for most of my lifetime, I believed it). I went gung-ho and started investigating this diet very carefully. For the first three weeks, I stopped itching, seemed to not be lactose intolerant and lost bloat. Then the trouble started. I started having terrible cramps and diarrhea all the time and, even if I had been accidently glutened occasionally, this was happening way too often for an accidental glutening (and no itchy rash happened at the same time). I went to a G.I, had an endoscopy and biopsy of my intestines and was told I didn't have celiac disease and I should start eating gluten. So back I went to a more normal way of eating. I felt great again! I still have the itchy rash and am sure it is DH. I had a skin biopsy yesterday and the dermatologist told me she felt that I should start a gluten-free diet because even if it isn't celiac related, it definitely seems like a gluten intolerance. In fact, she doesn't believe the results of the biopsy will solve this puzzle. Finally (thanks for reading such a long post), I have to determine the medical risks of not following a gluten-free diet and having a higher risk of lymphoma or start a really careful investigation to find out just what was upsetting my insides so much last summer. I know there has to be something in gluten-free foods that is not in glutened foods but I don't know where to start my elimination trials. I know that I have problems with brown rice at normal times so one thing would be to eliminate that, but I don't think I ate that much brown rice during this past gluten-free summer. Does anyone have any ideas of any preservatives, modifiers, etc. that could be in gluten-free foods that can cause stomach irritation? Thanks for advice. This forum is a wonderful resource which I read constantly. Elaine
  10. Dh

    I have had an endoscopy, internal biopsy and the IgA antibody test and all reports are negative for celiac disease. However, I think I have DH (I am getting a skin biopsy tomorrow for the final piece of the puzzle) and have a question. Could I still have DH with everything else, including blood work (my IgA was 3) being negative for celiac disease? Thanks for your replies. Elaine
  11. Is it possible to have Celiac Disease when all endoscopy, internal biopsies and celiac blood test say otherwise? I think I may have DH and I'm having a skin biopsy at the end of this week but I am concerned about it and would like to find out more about the chances of having Celiac Disease and not having any tests confirm it. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 62 years ago and now I wonder what I may have had if it wasn't Celiac Disease. Thanks for all replies. Elaine
  12. Hi, I have always been told that I was diagnosed with celiac disease at approximately 7-8 months old and was on a special diet for 8 years. During that time, the only food that I could have a lot of were bananas and I had terrible diarrhea during that time. My parents were told I was cured, but as I got older, and the Internet became available, I went online and read that there is no cure. I never had any symptoms so for 54 years I have been eating normally with normal intestinal processes. I think I have DH but I'm having a skin biopsy at the end of this week. After all my tests, that will be the final piece of the puzzle. I would love to see the Canadian Medical Journal but I don't know how to get one from the early 1950's. Neither my parents or the doctor are still alive to find out. My main issue is that when I went gluten-free last summer, I started having terrible intestinal problems and had none before, while eating gluten. At the end of next week, I will put everything down on paper and study it so that I can determine whether or not I actually have celiac disease. Thanks for your help.
  13. I need advice and am hoping to get it here. I was diagnosed with celiac disease 62 years ago and after 8 years on a special diet, my family was informed that I was cured. Apparently, according to Canadian medical journals, if it can be caught before a year, it can be cured, or so I always believed! Now, 54 years after the "cure", I went to a dermatologist for a very itchy, bumpy rash. (I did not have any gastro-intestinal symptoms for all these years). She diagnosed Dermatitis Herpetiformis and the journey started there. I followed a gluten-free diet for about 7 weeks and even though I had less itching at the beginning, my stomach rebelled and all the symptoms I read about people having when they eat gluten started to happen to me when I went gluten-free. Now, after having an endoscopy and biopsy, and the blood test, all reports seem to say that I don't have celiac disease (and probably never had it!) However, I am still itching. I have an appointment next week for a skin biopsy to see if it is DH but, since all the tests have come back negative, is it possible for me to have celiac disease manifesting itself as DH without any test showing it's there? The blood test did reveal that I have a zinc deficiency. Can that be causing this itching? When I get itchy, it's in a single spot and doesn't resemble any of the photos I've seen of DH, which looks like it's all over (like measles) or in a cluster. I'm quite confused about what I have and my husband says I am obsessed about it. I think I am! Hopefully someone out there may have some answers for me. Thanks in advance for your help and I'm sorry it's such a long post. elbar Massachusetts
  14. I had an endoscopy and biopsy last week and am now awaiting the results. The doctor said initially, after doing the endoscopy, that he didn't see any evidence of celiac disease. What I would like to know is, will the biopsy show anything that the endoscopy doesn't show? Just what does a biopsy look for and how long do you have to have been on a gluten challenge for the biopsy to tell anything? I was diagnosed with celiac disease 62 years ago and after 8 years on a special diet, my family was told I was cured. Now I know that there is no cure but my g.i. doctor said he doesn't think I ever had celiac disease! I'm sure my parents would have disagreed with him! I'm pretty sure I have Dermatitis Herpetiformis because I do have all the symptoms of classic DH but in all these 54 years, I have not had intestinal problems associated with celiac disease. If I had damaged my intestines over these 54 years, will the biopsy be able to see that? My next step is a skin biopsy. One of the reasons the doctor is so sure I don't have celiac disease is that I feel great on a gluten diet but as soon as I went on a gluten-free diet, I started to feel miserable with constant stomach problems. I'm not sure what the answer will turn out to be, but to quote my doctor, "I'm an interesting patient". Any advice will be welcomed. Thanks in advance. elbar
  15. I am looking for an answer to a question that I have been wondering about for a while. I was diagnosed with celiac disease as a baby 62 years ago and my family was told that I was "cured" after 8 years on the special diet. Now I have found out that, while I didn't get any G.I. symptoms over these 54 years, apparently I did have DH symptoms and that was what brought me to the dermatologist last month. Now I am told that I have DH, and celiac as well since there is no cure. My question is, if I follow a gluten-free diet, is it still possible to have stomach problems, or does that happen only if I get glutened? Now that I'm watching everything I eat, my stomach seems to be always in turmoil, as opposed to very rarely during these past 54 years. Does anyone have an answer to that question? Thanks in advance if you do. elbar