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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I agree with everyone. My philosophy is we have to be an active participant in our own health. Our medical system is really not so much "healthcare" as "disease management" and then only symptoms. The science has improved over the centuries but what we don't know is still beyond huge. I don't think throwing chemicals at the problem and hoping for a good outcome is always the best course of action. Behavior & food modification is much preferred in many an issue. Patients need to be informed and utilize their medical professional as the subject matter expert/consultant. I'm not minimizing the Doc here in any measure. They have wonderful information and training. However, in the end, all they can really do is make recommendations. The final decision is ours which is why we need to be our own advocate. Stepping off the soapbox now....
  2. I will certainly post updates to my situation. I don't believe my hypothyroid was ever diagnosed as Hashi's. The doctor described it as more non-specific hypothyroidism. Always bugged me at some level not to know "why" I was being diagnosed. Only seems to have taken a quarter century to find out. I'm really hoping that all those years of untreated gluten responses haven't caused permanent damage. I've always been a good healer generally so I'm keeping the faith and saying a prayer on this one. The one thing I have found as I have gotten older is how entrenched the medical profession is in information they consider facts that are actually no more than anedoctal dogma passed down from the historical past. The "you will forever be on hormone replacement" idealogy is something I would love to stand back and say "HAH!" I'm a medical rabble rouser that way. I drive my Doc crazy with "I read an article about..... and what do you think?"
  3. 25 years ago I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and have been taking Synthroid in increasing dosages. The last level was 1.25mcg. Last Nov 2011, I found out by accident that I was having an immune system response to gluten. I did a comprehensive stool analysis looking for information on what was happening in my gut. I was squarely focused on probiatics, yeast, infection. Gluten wasn't even on my radar. I did the test because I had been diagnosed with diverticulosis and had 3 infections in my colon in 18 mths. I figured the antibiotics (nasty tasting) had blown out all the good bacterium. The conclusion was that I needed serious probiotics to repopulate my intestinal tract but I was also showing a non-celiac immune response to gluten at 3x the normal levels. The Doc recommended that I eliminate it completely....forever. To say that I was floored is an understatement, I honestly didn't know where to start. But, I went with it. The first pleasant surprise was within a week of my new gluten-free diet was the persistent sinus drip in the back of my throat vanished. The next almost immediate thing was the regular bloaty feeling I always lived with vanished. I was thrilled beyond belief. This coupled with intensive probiotic treatment was that gastric processes resembled something akin to normal for the first time in years and years. Fast forward a whole year now, and something even more miraculous has occurred. My thyroid bloodword started changing around the end of the summer in the direction of being over medicated with Synthroid. By October, I had weaned myself off it completely. The medical journals I read said it would take about 6 months gluten-free to see a difference in symptoms and it was almost that to the day that my blood work started to show a shift. I've been Synthroid free for over a month and have never felt better. The most notable changes are the quality of my skin, nails & hair. My thinning hair is actual thickening up. I even see new growth in my eyebrows. My hypo pals will understand that one. My energy levels have never been higher. The constant yawning throughout the day...gone! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to believe that my hypothyroid diagnosis of decades ago had to do with an undiagnosed gluten intolerance. However, before jumping up and down (which I have the energy to do these days), I am checking back in with my Doctor. Not sure if she will believe me about the gluten/thyroid connection but she will do a thyroid panel to see what my stats are at this point. I'm hoping for a Xmas miracle that my thryoid has healed itself and can manage without hormone supplements. This post is not so much a question as an "I needed to share my joy" moment with people I know would understand. Thanks