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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello! I'm pretty positive my whole family has issues with gluten. We do not have a DX...only positive results from gluten-free diet. Myself along with my three children have been gluten-free for almost a year....with a few mishaps here and there. My husband only eats gluten out of the house with the exception of beer. I've posted about this on another post...my 10 year old son has been blinking his eyes and licking his lips until they are extremely chapped. This all started after returning home from a vacation in October. We were not gluten-free on vacation. (his twin was DX with a low wheat allergy and this is why we started gluten-free....he had a rash and going gluten free cleared it). So, he has been blinking (hard blinks similar to tics) since October. We go back to eating gluten free and he finally stopped blinking on 1-4-13!! YAY!! We went shopping and my husband wanted to go out to eat the next day (1-5-13). My husband called the restaurant (flaming amy's burrito barn) and was told they had a few items that were gluten-free. We arrived at the restaurant (after a few hours of shopping and with starving kids) and the gluten-free option is hamburger in a bowl topped with lettuce and cheese. To avoid total meltdowns (from all 4...lol, husband included) we ordered a taco salad with chips. It was gluten-free but the chips were fried in the same oil as gluten battered meats....I know it was a terrible mistake! We left and went to whole foods to do some grocery shopping.....all 4 practically ran to the bathroom as soon as we arrived I'm dizzy and have a very noisy stomach. We leave the store and go to the next (approxamently 1 hour after eating). At costco my son starts blinking again and by Sunday his lips are chapped again. My youngest also starts licking his lips until they are chapped as well. 1-11-13 his blinking seems to be almost gone and lips are heeled again! We have company over the next day (1-12-13) and I do all the cooking....but they thought it would be nice to bake gluten-free cookies and bring them over (gluten home). Well, blinking is back and lips are getting chapped again....ugh! Now, is it possible to be more sensitive to trace amounts after being gluten-free for a year. Does this happen with NCGI?? Or could this be more like celiac?? I have my husband an appointment to get the full celiac panel done and made sure he has increased his gluten intake at work. He is eating two sandwiches, crackers, pretzels, and cereal daily until his test (next Friday) and he has gained almost 10 pounds (in 2 weeks). He is bloated, pimples everywhere, undigested food in stool, having muscle spasms in arms, and tired! I do want to have the kids tested but I will wait for summer break. They are foggy brained when on gluten!
  2. The feingold diet also eliminates sals, msg, and hfcs. That's interesting about food additives and celiac. What made you test for celiac? Did you test after doing the elimination diet? The reason I'm asking is my son had a rash that spread while we were eliminating additives. He had the rash for five years(dx as eczema, dermatitis, etc) and the only treatment that helped was eliminating gluten! The rash was gone in two weeks!! I had him tested for celiac (tTG IGA) and he was just under the weak positive(so it was negative)...but we had been gluten free for two weeks (...I'm thinking we were actually eating alot less gluten because of feingold. No crackers, only cereal that was approved was a gluten free brand).
  3. Strange Bumps?

    Any opinions as to what these bumps are?? They do not itch, and do not seem to bother him. I thought they could possibly be molluscum contagiosum but I'm not sure. Looking at pictures of molluscum contagiosum the bumps (warts) seem to be raised up alot more than the bumps on my son. Also, the bumps do not have dimples like described in molluscum.
  4. Pre-feingold my twins(boys) were getting comments sent home about inattention, forgetting homework, talking, etc. After 6 weeks (6-8 weeks of detox) my boys both made AB honor roll and no bad comments from teachers! At home I noticed less hyper behavior, they were just calm and focused! I also have a 4 year old boy....here is the true test I noticed changes with him quicker. Before starting, he would want to stay up all night, argue with everything, angry with everything, fight with his brothers, hit, huge meltdowns over small things, and temper tantrums everyday. Those are all gone....well, he still irrataes his brothers but I think that's the "little brother duty" I decided to let them all have unapproved candy from trick or treating....wow, big mistake for me! The days following this "great tradgity" were awful and more noticeable in my youngest. He started the throwing his self on the floor kicking and screaming tantrums over nothing, couldn't take "no" for an answer, and hitting again. This lasted a week.....I'll never do that again!
  5. Have you heard of the feingold diet? Dr Feingold did a study on the negative effects food dyes, artificial flavorings and preservatives had on childrens behavior. Google it! I can really see postive behavior changes in my children since we ordered the materials and began the diet! Ive even tested it back in and the old behavior comes right back. I'm also pretty certain that by "eating clean" it helped lead us to the trigger behind my son's rash(which he had for five years and it spread after starting feingold....but healed going gluten free).
  6. My 10 year old son also had an abnormal high level for total iGA serum...and 2 on the tTG panel. Did you have his levels checked again?? Have you found out what a high iGA total serum means?
  7. Strange Bumps?

    I have not seen him scratching them.
  8. Does anyone know what these flesh colored/salmon colored, round, and mostly flat bumps are called?? Has anyone else ever had these?? These are pictures of my four year old son's hand.... They are hard to see....sorry.
  9. Warts

    My son had a huge wart on his finger last year that we had frozen off. It came back about a month ago. I have been putting enough black duct tape to cover it and then covering it again with a bandaide(so the duct tape isn't visible).....it does work but it will take more than a week. We are going on 3 weeks and it is almost gone!! I believe duct tape is used because it blocks out light....warts apparently need light to grow.
  10. Is Anyone Here Rh-negative?

    I'm also O-(RH-).....I'm not DX celiac but I do suspect gluten to be a problem for me and kids.
  11. I dont think there is any edema in their hands....the pictures do look that way though... Has anyone had the iga total serum level test come back abnormal (high)? My son's ped doctor did not seem concerned and did not request us to come back in to have the level checked again....I'm not sure what it could mean?? Also, could the two weeks of gluten free before the blood test make the test a false negative?? I have thought about having the genetic tests....being gluten free won't affect those, will it??
  12. I have noticed the red bumps appearing in a symetrical pattern....bump on each arm in about the same area, etc. Thanks for all the links! I went to the photobucket account I opened...clicked on the picture and "copy and pasted" each one to here....hope that helps!
  13. I figured out how to make the pictures big!! The first few pictures are of the ear rash that went away when going gluten-free...it has not returned. The next few pictures are of the red bumps.....these popped up after starting gluten again after vacation in 10/12.... Twin A's hand on top.....Twin B's hand on bottom.....identical bumps and identical twins These last two pictures are on my youngest son.....
  14. DH Photo Bank

    This rash only went away when I put my son on a gluten free diet.....could it be DH? He is 10 years old. His twin brother had no rashes until we reintroduced gluten in July....his rash started also behind his ear and went away when we went back on the gluten-free diet. After a vacation in Oct.2012 we again ate gluten and there were no signs of the rashes....so we continued to eat gluten until the week after Thanksgiving because the rashes were slowly reappearing and also #2 twin was starting to blink his eyes constantley....these are hard blinks and he does this all day. It also occurred last year before starting gluten free and I had not thought about or noticed it again untill a few weeks ago during out gluten feast... Now all three of my kids have small red bumps on their hands and arms....there are only 3 or so in each area on each child?? I'm so confused..... I posted a full story on another topic.... http://s1322.beta.photobucket.com/user/ampmomof3/library/#/user/ampmomof3/library/?&_suid=135489927789603616105665253381 Thanks and any opinions are welcome!