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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Reason for the food allergies is impaired intestinal barrier (leaky gut). You heal it by avoiding gluten and alcohol , vegetable oils, coffee permanently and the foods that you react to temporarily. Also vitamin D level (from suntanning preferably), increase saturated fat intake, google Paleo diet or even better Autoimmune paleo diet. If done right takes 4-8 months. This way I healed my intestines to the extent that i can eat fructose and dairy daily, and I no longer have the reaction I used to have.
  2. There are multiple way you can be sensitive to gluten. One form of non celiac gluten sensitivity is that your intestinal barrier is weakened (leaky gut) and allows gluten to cross to your bloodstream and trigger reaction. With careful dietary changes the the intestinal barrier can be restored and food allergies diminish. I have myself had strong reaction to gluten and within 6 months of clean eating the reaction is gone. I am free to eat gluten if I want (hint: I almost never eat it)
  3. Elemental Diet And Leaky Gut?

    Little off topic: if you have leaky gut - are you aware that the vegetable oils, eggs and ultramarathons are probably contributing to that?
  4. SIBO causes leaky gut and if you have food allergies you already have leaky gut as it allows gluten, casein fructose and other undigested molecules to cross to your bloodstream and trigger reaction. Stress, diet high in alcohol and sugar causes both SIBO and leaky gut, There are other factors that cause leaky gut while the effect on intestinal flora I did not research (food preservatives, toxins, ...) Additionally you do not really need to distinguish between the two as the treatment is the same: autoimmune paleo diet which is standard paleo (no grains, no grain oils, no legumes) -alcohol -nightshades -milk -eggs. At the time I had gluten, lactose and fructose intolerance my time between eating foods and reaction was 2-2.5 hours. It helps a lot in the self experimentation to find out what is a problem food and what can you eat.
  5. Both alcohol and coffee cause intestinal permeability to increase (leaky gut) and we are consequently more sensitive to gluten, lactose and fructose (sugar). I gues, given the recent New year celebrations, we will see more stories like this.
  6. Autoimmune paleo diet and SCD diet are closes to what you are eating.
  7. Do not overlook the obvious: What is your position on alcohol. For me it was #1 contributor.
  8. What worked for me was 1. zero gluten 2. zero alcohol 3. zero eggs 4. zero milk 5. fasting 6. vitamin D 2x week 5 min sunbed
  9. This is what helped me: Day 0: full day fast, well hydrated, get a suntan, not sunburn Day 1- 180: gluten free, milk free, alcohol free diet of real foods (Autoimmune paleo diet), antiinflammatory lifestyle (sleep, no stress, some but not too much exercise Day 181 and beyond: I can eat what I like, even gluten with no ill effect but I will stic to gluten free alcohol free anyway.